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Veil of Vision
Castelia City, Narrow Street
ARPers: Sarai

Looking at the scene before me, I nodded to the shiny Arcanine standing next to me, pulling out two Premium Balls and throwing them forward, unleashing two Lucario, one shiny, one regular, as they both looked toward me. Wordlessly, I pointed at a Zoroark going after another Trainer, receiving a nod from them as they charged at it together.

"Lucas, Kaitlin, Close Combat!" I ordered as, simultaneously, they both attacked the Zoroark, forcing it back as I climbed onto the Arcanine before it charged through, my two Lucarios avoiding it as it slid to a stop near the trainer. Not missing a beat, I threw out three more Pokeballs as a Serperior, a Krookodile, and a Mienshao came out, all nodding at me.

"Lara, Acrobatics, Krux, Foul Play, and Minx, Grass Knot!" I ordered, pointing to the Zoroark, Alakazam and Seismitoad in order, sending each pokemon after their respective targets.

"Samuel, Lucas, Kaitlin, with me!" I commanded as the two Lucario and the Arcanine moved to guard myself and the Trainer, a girl older than myself, as far as I could know from a glance. "Hey, you okay?" I asked, half-interested, half-focused on the fight at hand, shifting my wooden sword to a ready position.

Enhanced Zoroark Envoy
Castelia City

[Foolish Humans...] I thought, disgusted by their looks as another brushed past me. [While you run about, our master is searching for more Alternates to find, as well as more of my kind.]

{Just who is your master, anyway? Have you ever seen his face, Charles?} I snarled inwardly as that pesky voice interrupted my thoughts over how these Humans would serve us, Genesis, in the fututre.

[Quiet, you. I'll deal with you just as soon as I find that girl I have been ordered to locate.] I tried to silence it, futilely as it sighed in reply, an image of a young Human child suddenly appearing in my head. It disgusted me, but it felt strangely familiar.

{Do you even remember him, Charles? Have you really let this just happen to you?} It asked, giving me a migrane and causing me to grab my head, my Human disguise in the Pokemon Center doing the same.

[What the hell are you talking about?! I don't know who that filthy-]

"Excuse me, are you okay, mister?" My mind's thought process was cut off as I opened my eyes to see a Human girl looking up at me. Inwardly, I was snarling at the thought of being comforted by a Human child, me, a higher being! I forced myself to smile and nod before I stood up and forcefully shoved my way through the crowd near the doors, walking outside into the rain generated by my partners. Pulling out a lone slip of paper, a list of names was written down, each one crossed off as they were found and taken by Genesis.

{Looking for another target, Charles? Or are you trying to find release from your imprisonment?} It droned on again.

"Shut up!" I inadvertently screamed in fluid Pokespeak, catching the attention of the Furret on a teenager's jacket, sensing his Alternate nature, although it wasn't as strong an aura as the one lying on the ground. Looking down at the piece of paper, I quickly turned to run down one of the several alleyways of the large city, headed quickly towards the so-called Narrow Street.

[Now where is this 'Rizu' girl?] I asked myself.
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