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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Wynter Kanon and Darius Chestnut
Envoys of Taste and Sight
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: None at this point

Soundlessly, the teenage girl sat, staring off into the distance. She would blink from time to time, allowing her eyes to get a slight rest before prying them open again. People came and went, talking about random things, ranging from weather to battling. Some of these conversations proved interesting, but most were dull, almost mindless. Once in a little while, Wynter would tilt her head upward, allowing her to read the clock. She nodded silently afterward, noting how long the wait had now become. Darius had been true to his word, this was taking a long time. However, the girl would no complain, and deep down, didn’t mind this seemingly endless waiting. The Centre was never too busy at one time, so she never really felt trapped or closed in.

Two hours had now passed, she noted on the next clock check. Finally, Nurse Joy got up from behind her desk and went to see if the brunette was alright.

“Yes, I’m okay,” Wynter responded quietly, never making eye contact with the pink-haired woman. She was then warned that, because her wait was unrelated to the Centre, that she was dangerously nearing the loitering point and would have to leave soon. A little surprised, the teenager simply stood, this sudden motion waking her Minccino, who had been sleeping at her side.

“Sorry, but its policy,” the nurse spoke in her usual kind tone, and was met with a gentle nod. After beckoning Rocky to follow her, she started slowly for the door. Against the polished tiles, Wynter’s shoes made a slight clacking, which persisted until she stepped outside, and was greeted by cement. Looking around, she realised the scenery hadn’t changed much since her wait had begun. The girl didn’t actually go very far, locating a nearby park bench and sitting on it. Rocky, on the other hand, climbed atop a road sign, using the extra height to extend her visual range. Not far off, she found a dispersing crowd of people, and this caught her interest. At any rate, going to check that out would be far more entertaining than idling here. However, her plan was soon cut short…

Enter Darius, a somewhat tall fellow, clad in an umber sweater and crisp white shirt, which sat below the former. Despite this being his “casual clothes” he was dressed more formally then most of the pedestrians, including Wynter, his target. She was dressed in a long-ish teal shirt and a pair of used black jeans.

Upon hearing footsteps, the girl turned her head, and smiled slightly upon seeing the familiar face. He seemed a little surprised to see her outside, although it was really hard to tell with him.

“How was it?” she asked, in a voice so low it was hard for the man to hear her properly.

“Decently, I would say,” he replied, and it was almost impossible to detect any sort of emotion within his words. Wynter gave him a gentle nod before standing up again, ready to leave the bench behind. They started to the right, towards a busier street. Rocky was pleased; they were heading in the direction of the crowd. Maybe she would get to check it out after all. “There is something that has come to my attention, and I believe it would be worthwhile to investigate,” he said, almost mimicking the teenager’s quiet voice, although it was done purposely to keep others from hearing. She gave him a surprised look, but didn’t inquire further. She simply nodded gently and followed suit.

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