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I saw flashes of the world as Dual teleported me to Mount Oktori. A second's worth of the Woods, a couple of the dilapidated hotel out the front of the Outer Heavens, and a quick look at the plains around the base of Mount Deckbi. I had a sudden flashback to the run I'd had with Ivy there - we'd found strange broadcast devices all over the mountain. They had used some kind of mindwaves to enrage the local wildlife, and they'd affected us adversely. Ivy had left almost straight away the next day, and since she'd left no contact information I hadn't been able to get a hold of her. I was excited to see her again - she was one of my closest friends - but that was before. Things had happened on that run. There wasn't really much I could do besides hope she was okay. Although, I couldn't say I'd blame her if she didn't want to have anything to do with me. I'd been a real idiot up on that mountain.

The blue swirling began to fade, replaced by the soft white of lightly falling snow. Dual and Sasha were already waiting for me. Dual needed no introduction - he jerked his head upwards in the usual greeting. There was a light dusting of snow on his helmet and arms, which showed out vividly against the green. Sasha was standing next to him. She inclined her head to me, and I did the same back. Sasha and I got along pretty well, considering we didn't run across each other much. Dual had taken the Medicham under his wing, rather like an apprentice. She put her hands behind her poofy red legs and took a step back, silently showing her willingness to follow.

I stepped forwards and both of the Pokemon fell in line behind me. It wasn't long before I reached the top of the hill and I saw a familiar shape sitting in front of the gate.

"Hey, Ivy!" I called out as my pace increased. "How are you?"
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