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Veil of Mind
Castelia City
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"The heck was that for, you freaking idiot? Just shove me over in the middle of battle and then introduce yourself, why don't you?! And then you had to mention us, didn't you--not everyone here knows!" The girl known as Aki seethed, my mental probing catching the telepathy from the Gallade.

/Forgive her, she doesn't take well to being knocked around. It's what blinded her in the first place. I however, thank you many times over./ He offered in gratitude. Shaking my head, I waved it off casually, letting the angered insult roll right off as I turned to the Gallade, catching the name Musei among the scattered telepathy during my paralysis.

"Musei, is it? If anything, I should be the one apologizing. I had no prior knowledge." I spoke, sighing as I placed my hands in my pocket and turned to Aki. "Please, accept my deepest apologies for this misunderstanding." I offered, bowing slightly before suddenly standing straight, a rustling in my bag grabbing all of my attention.

"Is it hatching?!" I quickly pulled out the egg, a small crack indeed prevalent on the top of the shell. It took everything I had to refrain from leaping up with joy as I saw the crack grow larger, several more fractures running along the egg. Victor leapt up as, almost simultaneously, all of my pokemon still in their pokeballs, and Rufus, burst out, surrounding me as the shell finally cracked open, a dark grey muzzle poking out before finally the shell shattered, several fagments disappearing, leaving a small female Zorua in my arms, cradled gently as a few happy tears trailed down my eyes.

"Welcome to the world, Kasey." I spoke softly as the newborn pokemon yawned, still tired. Pulling out a regular pokeball, I softly pressed it to her fur as she entered without a fight and accepted the capture.

After seven and a half months of raising the egg, I was finally the foster father I was entrusted to be from the Zoroark that trained me. Suddenly, the realization of where I was and that I fell to my knees, supported by my Dewott Daniel and Victor, I wiped away my tears and stood again, new fire burning within me.

"Forgive me for being blunt, but I don't have time to chat right now. I have a newborn Zorua to protect." I directed toward nobody in particular, running forward with the pokemon that had suddenly found a reason along with me to fight.
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