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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shade of Sound
Castelia City, Narrow Street
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What the hell?

The next thing I knew was someone was calling out Pokemon attacks as the steam started to clear. Shorai stopped as well, seeing as the Zoroark growled as it moved back a bit defensively, dodging attacks as if they were made by an amateur. Clearly this Zoroark was well trained, very well trained.

I continued to ignore the telepathic conversation as, well I sort of couldn't focus on it at the moment. I looked around for Zhen, who was intent on beating back that shiny Alakazam with his own head into pulp. Shorai stuck next to me, as there was a new band of Pokemon to be hold. An Arcanine, a Golurk was joining the fray? Too much attention.

I only turned to notice who was asking about my wellness. I almost fell over again when I saw it was a boy. Not even a teenage one, just a boy, most likely under the age of thirteen. He had a...a wooden sword?

'God rizu, you're slippin'...'

"I'm fine, buzz off." I replied adamantly.

Last thing I need is some ten, eleven year old saving my ass. I would of had this if something didn't distract me and Zhen...wait.

I looked up, finding a floating thing far off in the distance. A Haunter...okay now I wasn't happy. Luckily, no one could see my eyes behind my shades but the rest of my face clearly said unimpressed. I looked back at the other three who jumped me, they seemed to be backing off one side, and that Zoroark who seemed to be the ring leader, growled and glared at us. Hell yes they were outnumbered, however, outmatched was a whole other song.

I notice the Zoroark look up, and I did in turn for some reason.

The rain...fake stopped?

I heard the Zoroark bark at the Alakazam, and he put one hand on the fox, and the other on the real Palpitoad, and used Teleport. With that, the immediate threat was gone, my shoulder still hurt like a bastard, though I ignored it for the moment, sticking my hands in my pocket and pretending I wasn't injured. I was a master at hiding things like that. I felt a nudge on my leg, seeing my Galvantula with my hat in her fangs. Damn, I forgot my hat was gone. I took it from her, replacing it on my head just as Zhen landed, growling angrily at the other Pokemon at my back.

I stood for a moment, watching the spot where the Zoroark and company had been. Why I was attacked I didn't know, and I didn't like it. Maybe it was just because I happened to decide to tamper. The illusionary rain however, that really started to bug me. Right now though...I wasn't happy about all the attention I had brought to myself.

I turned, looking at all the other Pokemon and went down the street, back to the center area. With all the lingering rain gone, and I had stopped my thunder awhile back, the clouds were just drifting by in their grey gloomy way. Everything seemed to calm down, though with Zhen in a bad mood that wasn't going to last. Shorai stood close to me, also looking as I did. I saw a group of Alts and non-Alts, well more felt, I just saw a group of people and Pokemon. I spoke loudly over all other conversation.

"Hey, who's responsible for the Haunter nearly causing me to be tackled fifty feet down into the street?"

My posture was that of the usual calm one but my tone of voice, you could tell I was irritated.
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