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Ivy wasn't sure why she was early for everything. Before, that gave her too much time to think, back when thinking was dangerous. After the events of her last run at Deckbi, she had spent days trying to get out of the web she had woven herself into by thinking about everything that had happened. She didn't black out again, but she had gotten sick - something she really hated.

Now that all of that mental stuff was settled though, she didn't mind the thinking too much. She liked the sense of calm she gained, and she hoped that was going to help her be both a better Ranger and a Trainer. The time off had done them all good, she knew, since she even got time to train with her partners.

Her Litwick had evolved into a Chandelure in those two weeks as well, something she had never accomplished before. That had been pretty fast, but the little candle had liked to battle, and Haji had been more than happy to test his skill against her even more. Larvesta was moving along at a nice pace too, happy in her new environment.

Ivy had thought about bringing her with on this trip because she'd have an advantage over a lot of the ice Pokémon that lived here, but she really disliked rocks, and despite growing up on Deckbi, she still didn't like them. She thought maybe the small moth had been in some sort of accident with them when she was younger. It was fine for her to stay home though. It was supposed to be nice today; she could soak up the sun rays from the window seat.

Candle had been more than happy to come, and Ivy was glad at least one of her Pokémon were Fire-typed. Oktori got cold, especially at night, and she didn't want to get stranded somewhere without a source of heat. Not that whoever she was going with wouldn't be prepared, and Haji could always warp them out, but just in case.

Catching some new Pokémon should be a good time. Her own partners had been bugging her since the last one, asking her when she was going to go back. She wouldn't lie, she liked the extra company. Her Pokémon were the family she didn't have for real.

Haji shifted on her lap, his purple ears twitching as he moved his head. She reached up to rub them, enjoying the Winter weather as she waited for her other Ranger. It was her favorite season.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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