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Default Re: ~Selly vs Foxamivalth~


[-] Kricketot (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 48%
Energy: 94%
Status: Agonized and praying that this gambit is going to work.
Bug Bite [Bide] ~ Struggle Bug


[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 100%
Energy: 62%
Status: Mostly confident; a little worried about the Bide.
Minimize ~ Flamethrower

Chansey looked at Kricketot. The little bug appeared at first glance to be simply standing around, patiently awaiting a hit; however, looking closer, Chansey could see that Kricketot was shaking, its face slightly drawn. It was holding in energy and anger - lots of it. Chansey didn't want to be on the receiving end of that.

She began to suck in her - rather impressive - gut, curl her spine, and in all try to make herself a smaller target. As she did so, she did indeed begin to get smaller - Kricketot could only watch in amazement as her skin glowed purple and her body began to shrink. It wasn't a huge shrinkage, but it was definitely noticeable. If she could, Kricketot would have been sweating at the thought of her opponent's taking another advantage, this time in being a tiny target.
[Minimize: Chansey, -2% Energy, +1 EVA]

However, Kricketot still had a job to do - and she couldn't hold her pain, energy, and anger over any longer. She glared at Chansey, then let loose a wild, warbling battle cry and raced forward as fast as she could. She came at Chansey like a freight train of vengeance, as furious as a stumpy little bug could be. Her body literally glowed red with rage. Chansey tried to shrink even further, but it didn't work. Kricketot's body slammed into hers, dealing a heaping helping of pure pain. She squealed, flying backward at the impact. She slammed into the trunk of a tree and slumped there, waiting for her head to clear. She was vaguely aware of the whispering of malicious voices around her, or the slight tug on her life force which drained some of her stamina.
[Bide: Kricketot, -10% Energy; Chansey, -61% HP]

Chansey wasn't going to take this sitting down, however. She got sluggishly to her feet, feeling the jungle spin around her. As soon as it became stationary, she opened her mouth wide and began to think heat-related thoughts. Almost immediately, her guts began to churn as if she had eaten a few bowls of hot curry. Heat began to billow up into her mouth. Her tongue felt like it was in an oven as the flames rose; a column of fire shot out of her jaws at high speed, splashing over Kricketot like blazing napalm. The battered bug warbled again - this time in agony. Just as she thought the heat would burn her completely to a crisp, the tide of fire died. Chansey's sealed lips were marked with ash - like Kricketot's entire body. The spirits converged around her, stealing away some of her precious health, and whispered that her demise was nigh.
[Flamethrower: Kricketot, -23% HP; Chansey, -16% Energy]

However, while Kricketot was - at a quarter of his health, on the dot - on his last toddling legs, Chansey was in no fine shape either. Hoping to exacerbate her injuries, and hamper her a little, he began making his move. He felt very pressed against the edge of his limits, and didn't want to get pushed beyond them, so he began to fight against Chansey with all his might. He thrashed involuntarily, closing his eyes, and let out a screech that resolved into a thin green beam of energy. The beam made a 'pfft' sound as it dissolved against Chansey's gut. She stared in confusion, unaware that the beam had weakened her internally. There were whispers from the trees again, and Chansey winced as more of her health was drained away.
[Struggle Bug: Kricketot, -2% Energy; Chansey, -4% HP, -1 SATK]


[-] Kricketot (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 25%
Energy: 82%
Status: Anxious.


[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 55%
Energy: 44%
Status: Still confident, but also tired and annoyed. [+1 EVA, -1 SATK]

Ref Notes
Bide's Accuracy Roll was 72, with 1-75 hitting.
Flamethrower's Crit Roll was 52, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Flamethrower's Effect Roll was 99, with 1-10 Burning Kricketot.
Serene Grace dictates a second Roll; Roll was 23, with 1-10 burning Kricketot.
Struggle Bug's Accuracy Roll was 13, with 1-75 hitting.
Struggle Bug's Crit Roll was 44, with 1-6.25 Critting.

Foxamivalth, your moves please.
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