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Default Re: Dachampster vs. Dino

Round One
I had been traveling for almost a day, wandering through a muggy forest. Supposedly I was to referee a battle on a beach, but there was no sand in sight. I wiped the sweat off my forehead as I trekked on, but it only took about an hour before I reached the beach. It was still fairly cloudy, but some of the humidity had cleared. The beach overlooked a large lake, but there were only two people there. They had carved a field in the sand with rocks, and just as I arrived they threw their pokeballs into the air. On the left, a red octopus appeared for Dino. On the right, Dachampster’s Treecko stood. This was going to be an interesting battle.

Battle Start

Ability: Moody
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Captivate~Ice Beam


Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Flash~ Giga Drain

Blade’s light nimble form allowed him to move first, before Aquae. He began to perform his move; a move that he was not too familiar with. Concentrating all his focus into his body, it began to glow with an extremely bright light, almost blinding both his trainer and his opponent. Blade smiled; it had no effect on him, and his foe would have a tough time just hitting him. He grinned evilly, then tried to keep his glow just as unpleasant as it was when he first did it. (Aquae ACC-1, -2% Energy for Blade)

Aquae was not happy with the battle so far. She could barely see a thing, let alone her opponent. If would be like looking into the sun! However, she knew that the move she had been ordered would not require her to stare at him. She focused her inner beauty, starting to form shapeless pink blobs around herself. Eyes clenched, her power grew and they began to form into little pink hearts. These were not just for show, however; they would charm anything they touched out of wanting to hurt Aquae. She quickly turned and launched them at her foe, hoping at least one of them would hit. Risking temporary blindness, she gazed at Blade. He winked at her and lowered the glare just a bit; only enough for Aquae to know it had worked.
(Blade -2SPATK, Aquae -3% Energy)

Blade was a little scared for his next move. He didn’t want to hurt someone who was obviously so madly in love with him! She was pretty cute, too. Those suction cups; W-O-W. Nevertheless, he knew his trainer would be mad if he did not do what he said. His fists closed as he charged energy, a green aura of light surrounding his already blinding glow. Several green spikes of light pierced Aquae, literally sucking energy out of her. She cried in pain, but the attack had already ended. The beams returned to Blade’s hands, replenishing him. However, he was already at full health! Although he felt a bit rejuvenated, it was more of a psychological thing that actually happening.
(-11 Health for Aquae; -10 Energy for Blade; +0 Health for Blade.)

Aquae wanted revenge. Badly. She had actually been hurt by that last move, and decided it was time for Blade to pay for it. Her turret-like mouth opened, and a light blue ball of icy cold energy began to form. It grew rapidly, quickly becoming about the size of a football. She knew if she held it any longer it would freeze her, so she took in a breath of air and launched it across the beach. It turned into a beam of energy, two lines crisscrossing each other as they made their way across the beach. The beam began to melt just a little in the humidity, but retained its power as it rammed into Blade at an extremely fast pace. He was blown back, frozen solid by the sheer power of the move. Aquae made what sounded like a victory call; she was happy.
(-22% Health for Blade; -13% Energy for Aquae; Blade is frozen solid.)
Suddenly, Aquae began to glow with a white light. She knew this was her ability at work. As her evasion rose sharply, her defense began to fall.
Battle End

Ability: Moody
Health: 89%
Energy: 84%
Mood: Happy with what had happened so far.
Stats: Evasion+2, DEF-1, ACC-1


Ability: Overgrow
Health: 78%
Energy: 88%
Mood: Miserable in a block of ice.
Stats: FRZN, SPATK-2

Referee Notes
Flash’s accuracy roll was 44, with 1-100 hitting.
Captivate’s accuracy roll was 52, with 1-75 hitting.
Giga Drain’s accuracy roll was 85, with 1-100 hitting.
Giga Drain's crit roll was 3532, with 1-625 critting.
Ice Beam’s accuracy roll was 22, with 1-75 hitting.
Ice Beam's crit roll was 1353, with 1-625 critting.
Ice Beam’s FRZ roll was 3, with 1-10 freezing.
Arena roll with 68, with 1-25 making it rain.
Dino, your moves please.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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