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Default Re: Lonnie Ingwersen against bobandbill

Round II

Lonnie Ingwersen

[Mudkipz] Mudkip (M)

HP: 83%
Energy: 66%
Condition: Still eager to go; -1 Special Defence
Moves: Take Down~ Take Down


[Ludimefudilololololo] Lotad (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 84%
Condition: A little annoyed by his opponent
Moves: Giga Drain/Swords Dance~Giga Drain/Swords Dance

Mudkipz was ready to fight; he was a bit tired but ready to go. He began his move, gathering speed as a blue aura surrounded him. He jumped with all of his might, but had miscalculated his leap. He overshot Lotad by about a foot, and crashed into a rock behind him. Lotad laughed, spraying a tiny stream of water at his opponent. Mudkipz sighed, then picked himself up and returned to his side of the field. His trainer simply told him to be more careful next time, but did not seem too angered. (Attack missed; -26 Energy)

It was Lotad’s turn to strike. Remembering his trainer’s orders, he did not attack. The large leaf on the top of his head glowed a pale green, and he began to perform a strange dance. Leaping in the air, his attack power grew as his confidence grew. Flying in the air by some mysterious force, he began to spin. “Lotad! Loo!” it cried, feeling its power grow. He fell to the ground, but he knew that his next attack would cause a lot more power than before. (+2ATK, -3% Energy)

Mudkipz swore to avenge his previous strike. He backed up just a bit, then began to run. His little feet ran faster and faster, and his traditional blue aura returned. It grew larger as he ran faster, reaching maximum speed only a couple feet away from Lotad. He rammed into the little…dish? He fell, landing on his dish. “Loo.” He said sadly, trying to get back up. His trainer went over and plopped him back right side up, then let him resume. He was a little shaken up, but seemed like he could fight for a while longer. (-22% Health, -26% Energy)

Lotad wanted revenge. Badly. His eyes clenched and his body seemed to shrink, all energy dedicated to the move he was using. The leaf on his head began to form barbed pricks of energy, eventually shooting them at his opponent. They clamped onto his body, sucking out life at its essence. Mudkipz cried in pain, feeling the power getting sucked from him. The barbs eventually retracted, but not without consequence; while Lotad felt completely rejuvenated, Mudkipz felt the pain of the wound. It was actually fairly serious; the force of the attack shocked him. He knew that he would have to step it up next round; if it kept up, he would lose for sure. (-22 Health for Mudkipz; +6% Health, +6% Energy for Lotad; -10% Energy for Lotad)

End of Round
Lonnie Ingwersen

[Mudkipz] Mudkip (M)

HP: 61%
Energy: 14%
Condition: Very worn out; -1 Special Defence


[Ludimefudilololololo] Lotad (M)

HP: 84%
Energy: 77%
Condition: A little happier. +2 ATK

Referee Notes
Take Down’s accuracy roll was 97, with 1-85 hitting.
Take Down’s crit roll was 1763, with 1-625 hitting.
Swords Dance’s accuracy roll was 7, with 1-100 hitting.
Take Down’s accuracy roll was 52, with 1-85 hitting.
Take Down’s crit roll was 3638, with 1-625 hitting.
Giga Drain’s accuracy roll was 16, with 1-100 hitting.

Team Notes
Lonnie: 2 PKMN
Mudkipz + _____
Bobandbill:2 PKMN

Arena Notes
The apricorns are getting looser.

Bobandbill, your moves please.


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!