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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Aki Shibayama and Haru Aozora
Veil of Touch and Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Sabi and Chibi

Even being blind, Aki's right eye twitched as she further listened to the one who called himself Joseph, who had suddenly become overly emotional as an egg in his care hatched before he ran off in the direction of danger, claiming he had to protect the newly hatched Zorua. "If he wants to protect it, shouldn't he be running the other way? Idiot." Aki muttered furiously. She "saw" Haru shrug.

"I hatched a few of my pokemon...but I never got like that. Not even when Joy hatched." He muttered, raising his eyebrows slightly, although he was more interested in the way the Palpitoad seemed to run away with Stella's illusions and magical leaf distraction. "Whoa! That's cool!" He said brightly just before Keitaro made the comment about alts making illusions. "I'm still kinda totally confused about that, you know."

"It's still none of your business, you know? It's not his either, but he has a Gardevoir telling him everything and it too smart for his own good. There's a freaking reason we're not advertised public heroes of justice--we're not supposed to be known about, just do our jobs." Aki growled defensively. In the distance, she heard a comment about a Haunter, but it didn't relate to her, so she didn't comment, however... "Vashuka, Colossus! If everything is clear, come on back!" She called loudly. The Liepard and Golurk both turned their heads and proceeded to chase the remaining illusions before returning to Aki, or at least near her.

"But, Aki, we just--"

"It doesn't matter that you helped once! Helping does not entitle you to go shoving your nose into private business! Would you go ad save a little girl, and then ask to know all her darkest, most personal secrets? That's what you're doing here." Aki snarled, and Haru backed away.

"Look, I'm..."

/You won't get through to her. Drop it before she tries to hit you./ Musei advised, shutting Haru up.

OOC: Before you read this, let it be known I am ignoring Lati's last post because of many issues with the post, stated in the DS thread, until further notice.
Michelle Toya
Veil of Vision
Affected RPers: Chibi(Moonlight and Lati are just around. XD)

Michelle blushed violently as Rai called her out. "I-I-I-I'm sorry!" She murmured, eyes seeming to find something very interesting on the ground. "It's not something I can control... I hope you don't mind." She paused only briefly before moving the conversation from physical to mental. /I don't need anyone else finding out. I don't want attention for something that has been the bane of my existence my entire life. I was born a telepath, but no one understood what was wrong with me for years, my entire childhood was a nightmare because I could hear the surface thoughts of everyone around me and everyone thought I was insane, or schizophrenic, or...or...they didn't know what was wrong with me, they didn't believe I could hear everyone around me every waking minute of the day, the only reprieve being sleep... It was horrific. I had to deal with it all by myself, no one could help me, because there was no one like me to help me for most of my life. The only one I've ever found to help has been Cam, and even then, I can only make them manageable most of the time. I'm never free of the voices of everyone around me unless I'm far away from people or asleep, and as an alt, the first isn't really an option. You and your're the first like me I've met, and your thoughts are particularly loud--especially when talking to each other--nearly impossible to tune out. I didn't dig, though, I swear. I'll let you into my mind for proof, if you want... She gotten so worked up, she had basically opened up and laid out her horrible life as a single telepath to this boy, and she hadn't even introduced herself to him properly!

/Oh tut, tut, Miss Michelle. Where are your lovely manners?/ Camellia teased lightly, Michelle gave her a slight glare from the corner of her eye.

"Shut up and eat the chocolate, Cam." She said, sounding shaky and tired. However, she ventured back to mental conversation for one last time. /I'm sorry, my life hasn't been easy and I just sort of dropped it all on you because I got a little flustered, without even properly introducing name is Michelle Toya. I have many nicknames, if you prefer to shorten it--I don't really care, just about everyone who meets me does, just make sure I know what you're going to call me beforehand if you do./ She was honestly almost scared. She had just told someone the worst of her life, she'd admitted to being a telepath and hating it, she admitted she was messed up in the head and antisocial...and she was afraid that this boy she had just told everything to would use it against her to hurt her more. It was rare she exposed herself to people as a real person, that part of her was fragile, it would break with almost no resistance.

Enhanced Veil of Vision and Sound
Icirrus City
Affected RPers: Chibi

Cold, amber eyes looked back to Nina. "She's got two more still left. Just not important ones." He said softly, seemingly unaffected by the gasp or the hands, or even the whimpering, yet of one knew him well enough, they might have seen sorrow in his eyes or heard it in his voice, faintly, but still there. Lillie looked slightly upset as she moved an arm and waved back at her fellow Zorua in disguise.

Behind them, the illusory storm seemed to lessen and fade away as the neared the treeline of the city. "I would assume he might know her, or he has a list somewhere. There is no telling where Rolland gets our targets. He could simply have passed her on the street and thought her an easy target, so he told us to go get her. I'm not asking." He said softly, and once again, it was faint, but you might detect sorrow or bitterness to his tone. Lillie made a sound in the back of her throat that said she was unhappy with the fact. However, they walked on.

OOC: I didn't mean for Miche's post to be so emotional/pity-party-ish, yet at the same time, it seems perfect...except for all the people standing there, whom she is totally ignoring. BTW, Sabi, does us kidnappers have a base, yet?

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