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Default Re: Individual RP: WinterVines

(OOC: Astonish, Fake Out, and Work Up and F please.)


They left the gate and traveled along the path, both of them looking for Pokémon the other could battle. There was a while were they didn't see anything, and she thought that maybe it was because they were nearing nightfall. There were still some orange streaks in the sky behind them, and it colored the snowy mountain with a red gold.

The ground was still a bit dark though, despite all the snow cover. The snow really came in handy when it was true night, when the light from the moon could shine off of it. Then it was usually brighter naturally than when a light was used. She did have a flashlight in her vest though, since they were planning on heading to the caves. They might even have to pass through other caves to get there since cutting through the mountain would probably be the fastest route.

Chainy tapped her on the shoulder as she seemed to miss something he saw. When he pointed, she saw a dark bush, only it was moving toward them. She tried to look away from the sun to let her eyes adjust to what she was seeing, and then the lump shifted colors.

It was a shaggy brown with darker stripes of hair running down its back. It was probably only a foot long total, so it looked more like half of a basketball than a Pokémon. It had a cute pink pig's nose and seemed to be closing its eyes most of the time. She knew that was probably just its hair covering them though, since it seemed to be moving pretty slowly toward them. She guessed it was interested in her.

“Wanna try to catch that Swinub? I don't mind waiting around,” Chainy said, and she thought about it for a second.

Haji reminded her that Mamoswine were powerful creatures, and that if it didn't want to stick around with them, she could surely help some other Trainer out that was looking for one. She nodded then, reaching into her cloak and the inside of her vest for one of the pockets against her turtleneck. She pulled out a plain red and white Pokéball and dropped it to the ground, reflexively catching the ball as it sprang back up to her hand and putting it away.

A two-tailed purple monkey appeared in front of her. His two finger-tipped tails swayed back and forth, and he had a large grin on his face at the proposition of a battle. His round ears twitched and he turned around to show her that smile as he danced from foot to foot in excitement. Other than Haji, she had worked with Ambipom the most, and she thought it showed.

He was still happy to battle due to his naturally cheerful nature, but it wasn't the wild motions that he used to have. There was skill crafted into his limbs now, and his movements were more controlled. Instead of carelessly dancing around, he know shifted his weight from foot to foot with purpose; if he needed to jet off in a direction, he could. His hands on his tails clenched and unclenched lightly too, ready to take action. She was proud of how far they had come. The only thing she regretted was still not having a name for him.

“Alright, Ambipom, this battle is yours. We'll take it easy at first since I don't know what this thing can do. She looks quiet but I'm sure Swinub can do some damage.”

She thought for a minute, looking at their surroundings and what they could use. There wasn't much in terms of environment, since everything was covered in a blanket of snow. “Let's start out with an Astonish; see if you can startle her a bit with your quickness. I know you've been working on that weird face to creep out Larvesta.” That was the other Pokémon of hers that didn't have a name yet. “After that, run up and hit her with a Fake Out with your tails, but be quick. Don't linger in case she retaliates. Then give her some space and get back here to work yourself up a bit. Really get that battle haze going. You'll need to hit harder later.”

Ambipom nodded, the spiky hairs on the top of his purple head flopping as he did. Ambipom rubbed his hands together in front of his cream-colored belly, working up to his move. His face started to morph just like he practiced.

There was probably little chance that the Swinub wouldn't react to them, but she believed Ambipom could handle it. He had worked hard, and she wasn't going to deny him the chance to prove himself just because he could get hurt. She had been violently against letting them get hurt before, but now she understood that some things were more important than that. Everyone got hurt; it was the getting over it that showed the real strength.

From her bond, she felt Haji send waves of approval, and she smiled. “Go for it, Ambi.”


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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