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Default Re: Velocity vs. 3m0d0ll.



[-] Volcarona (F)
HP: 91%
Energy: 62%
Stats: +1 ATK, +1 SPD, +1 SPATK, +2 SPDEF
Moves: Sub.@5%~Toxic/Bug Buzz.


[Mr. Troll] Wobbuffet (M)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Stats: None
Moves: Safeguard~Encore

Although the fire-typed bug was much faster than Mr. Troll, she was instructed by her trainer to wait. She sat on her tiny legs, waiting to see what kind of move her foe would use. How many choices did he have? Eight? She laughed. Her movepool was so much bigger than his; how could she fail?

Mr. Troll was a bit disappointed at his trainer. Why did he say such mean things when he released him? Did he not love Mr. Troll? He tried to focus his energy into the battle instead of at his trainer. The psychic pokemon began to focus his powers, creating a bubble of blue-green light. It completely encompassed him, stopping any kind of status problem from hitting him. Although regular attacks could still hit him, it did seem to provide a bit of protection. Mr. Troll, although he was a little unsure, trusted his trainer. The bubble grew a bit bigger, and became much stronger. Wobbuffet was in this to win it.
(-8% Energy, Protected from Status for 4 more actions)

Volcarona laughed at the petty attempt of an attack made by her opponent. A little green ball? Really? It doesnít even block actual attacks! She smiled, then began a move of her own. It was a fairly common move, one that most pokemon could learn. However, she was stronger than most. Her image flickered as she disappeared in a puff of smoke, replaced by a light green doll. It sat, motionless. Mr. Troll was a little confused. Where did his opponent go? He had no way to fight it he was fighting a doll. After scratching his head and thinking about it for a while, he decided he would probably be recalled. Meh, there were worse fates.
(-2% Energy, Sub@5% Health)

This time, Volcaronaís trainer gave no such command to wait. Remembering her orders, she began a move that was exactly in her area of expertise. Her wings glowed red as she released waves of red light, which were actually painful sound waves that could burst the eardrums of any pokemon. Mr. Troll covered his ear-slits, wincing at the pain of the noise. He tried to get away from her, but the waves kept coming. When the glow on her wings finally stopped, he had almost shattered his eardrums; it lowered his defenses significantly because of his constant attention about his ear.
(-13% Health for Mr. Troll, -8% Energy for Volcarona. -1SPDEF for Mr. Troll)

Mr. Troll, still holding his ears and whimpering, began a move that made absolutely no sense to him right now. However, he didnít want to disobey his trainer, and therefore carried it out anyways. He raised his hands, concentrating intently as a white orb of pure energy began to form between them. Clenching his fists and keeping his eyes shut, the orb grew to the size of his rather large mouth. Releasing it at his foe, it hit her directlyÖfor absolutely no damage. Volcarona seemed a bit confused, but later got over it. As long as it didnít really hurt her, she didnít mind. After trying to move, she realized the true effects of the move; it prevented her from using any move but Bug Buzz!
(-10% Energy, Volcarona can only use Bug Buzz for 2 more actions)

Round End

[-] Volcarona (F)
Health: 86%
Energy: 52%
Stats: +1 ATK, +1 SPD, +1 SPATK, +2 SPDEF, SUB@5%, Bug Buzz for next 2 actions
Mood: Feeliní fine.


[Mr. Troll] Wobbuffet (M)
Ability: Shadow Tag
Health: 87%
Energy: 82%
Stats: -1SPDEF, guarded by Safeguard for 1 more action
Mood: Could be better.

Referee Notes
Safeguard's accuracy roll was 34, with 1-100 working.
Substitute's accuracy roll was 67, with 1-100 working.
Bug Buzz's accuracy roll was 14, with 1-100 hitting.
Encore's accuracy roll was 24, with 1-100 working.
Arena roll was 84, with 1-25 changing color.

Velocity, your moves please?


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!