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Default National Park Summer Palooza


Banner credits to HikaruIzumi

So, eh, what exactly is it?

Good question, sir. This is an event hosted by myself and Bee to show just how awesome the Park is and to encourage people to sign up for it and just to have a bit of fun, and get some nice rewards in the process 'cause us Rangers sure know how to have a wild time ;-)

When and where is it?

Tuesday the 16th of August. Will start between 6-8 PM GMT+/-0. Depending on general preference.

What to expect?
  • An Auction
  • Quizzes
  • Event-exclusive items Chainy will trade big for
  • And all that jazz

Auction Rules:
  • Bids can be anywhere from 1k to 5k.
  • Once a bid is placed, it CAN'T be retracted.
  • Cheating won't be tolerated.


You must be a member of the National Park to take part. Click here to join

This thread can be used for any Discussion/Questions or simply to say you're attending or something.
(13:50:47) Breadfan: (as evidenced by the lack of rapture right now)
(13:51:02) Khimera: What're you talking about? I'm under siege by raptors
(13:51:15) Breadfan: that's jurassic park
(13:51:20) Breadfan: not the rapture

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