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Default Re: Diamond1304 | Joltik | Water's Edge


[Volk] Joltik (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 100%
Energy: 95%
Move: Discharge

Safari Zone

[-] Dratini (F)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 92%
Energy: 92%
[Underwater; Safeguard for four more actions]
Move: Dragon Rush

The electric spider moved first, climbing swiftly with his little legs. Volk’s body began to glow a pale yellow as electricity surrounded him, creating a shield of light. It grew larger and larger until Volk couldn’t take it anymore. The electric bolts flew in all directions, transmitting through the water and painfully stinging Dratini. Even with its slight resistance to electric moves, the attack had seriously stung. She vowed that her opponent would be hurt even more than she had just been, preparing one of her favorite moves.
(-11% Health, -10% Energy, -4% Health for Creativity)

Dratini was not exactly sure how she was going to pull this off, but prepared herself anyways. It was a move that her evolutionary line was most famous for, and she knew that she needed to pull it off perfectly if she wanted to keep with it. As she swam faster and faster, a water-colored aura began to develop around her. It shielded her from damage as she leapt out of the air, crashing violently into Volk. It created much more pain than it had looked; Jolk could not have possibly seen the aura that surrounded his foe. However, he did not want to disappoint his trainer; he would have to work harder to make sure he could get it.
(-19% Health, -16% Energy)


[Volk] Joltik (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 81%
Energy: 85%

Safari Zone

[-] Dratini (F)
Ability: Shed Skin
Health: 77%
Energy: 76%
[Underwater; Safeguard for three more actions]

1) Attack
2) Attempt Capture
3) Flee

You have 25 Safari Points remaining.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!