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Ivy talked about how the vacation had been good, and she'd needed it. Apparently she still thought about the Deckbi run too - my heart ached when I remembered it. I'd done so much wrong up there. All I could do was hope that Ivy had forgiven me, but so far she'd given no sign of that. I sighed quietly but made no other outward sign of my distress. Dual shot me a quick look but returned to his conference with Sasha.

We sat in silence as the snow gently drifted down. A crunching rolling sound soon pervaded the air. I looked up and saw something pretty random. A sphere of snow was rolling towards us. When it was about a metre away, the ball exploded, revealing a strange looking Pokemon. It chirped happily and waved its arms around in some kind of dance. It occurred to me that this Vanillite was very young.

“There's a Vanillite. Anyone you know looking for one?” Ivy asked me.

I wasn't sure. Jakk didn't want one and I wasn't sure about Jathan. My contact probably didn't want one either. Still, it was against my nature to pass up rare Pokemon, and I could always just release it if something more powerful crossed my path later on.

The question was to choose which Pokemon to use. Dual was immediately out - he'd smash the little Ice-type far too hard. I kind of felt like trying to battle with Sasha - she wasn't quite as strong with Dual, and I wanted to get to know her better, but something in her eyes told me she wasn't ready to accept commands from me yet. Perhaps if I demonstrated skills with my other Pokemon she'd come to respect me. I detached Meta's PokeBall from my belt and dropped it onto the ground. A white light flared up, revealing the large blue crab-like Pokemon. He murmured a greeting to me and I rapped his underside.

"Hey buddy, you're up," I said to him.

He nodded. Technically, Metagross didn't have genders, but Meta liked to pretend he was male, and I felt closer to him when he assumed this facade, because he was more easily relatable. He was already more intelligent and powerful than myself, so having something in common, even something small like a gender helped immensely.

"Okay, this should be nice and quick," I said to Meta. "Let's hit this thing hard and fast. Use your Meteor Mash, but combine it with a Bullet Punch to help with the accuracy and speed."

Meta made the strange low-pitched whining sound that experience had taught me he made when he was charging up an attack. His two fists began to glow bright white. I'd seen a Metagross fire Meteor Mashes from orbit once, but that was overkill on a little Pokemon like this. Best to just use it in its normal style - a punch imbued with the essence of Metagross' otherworldly metal body. However, instead of throwing an unwieldy swing towards the Vanillite Meta blurred forwards, leaving gray streaks in the air behind him.

Strictly speaking, Bullet Punch's speed wouldn't directly improve Meteor Mash's accuracy, but considering Metagross had four supercomputer brains and insanely quick reflexes he should have enough time to redirect the attack if it strayed off course. At least, that's what I hoped.
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