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Default Re: .;The NEW Academy of Sprite/Pixel Art ;. - [Sign up to improve or teach now!]

I'd like to sign up, please.
Name: I usually just go by Mewthree
Teacher or apprentice: Teacher
What you want to learn/what you can teach: I teach Recolors, Fusions, Pokeballs and eggs, Infernos, Pillow Shades, Codex's. Slow Glows, Color Rotations, Badges, Shadow Pokemon, Cel Shades, Neons, Datas, Lineless Sprites, Trophys, Fossil Pokemon, Undead Pokemon, Trainer Cards, Dream World Recolors, PMD Recolors, PMD portrait recolor, PMD Portrait color Rotation, Doofs, Nyans, Ghost haunts, Revamps, Puppeteers, Palette Making, and almost anythig you can throw at me. :D
How long you've been spriting: 6 almost 7 months now
How you can be contacted: All day pretty much
How often you are available: around 8 or 9 AM till about 10 to 10:30 PM Centeral time, until September.
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I do Requests, just mention me in the title or come to my request shop.
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