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Default Re: The Organization

Organization Form of Enrollment
Name - Jix
Nickname(s) - Jixaw
Age - N/A
Gender - Male
Born In - N/A
Position - Founder
Element(s) Controlled - Fire and Ice
Appearance - Jix is a tall character, and slim too. He is always seen wearing a black robe, and the hood is usually almost always up. When it is down, however, his facial features shock most people. His left eye is fire red, and his right ice blue. His hair is an icy blue colour, too, and short and spiky. His teeth resemble fangs, and he has a scar running from the left corner of his mouth to the left corner of his left eye, and vice-versa on the other side. This gives him the impression of a permanent smile. Sometimes he chooses to hide his facial features completely, wearing a completely white mask with a black jigsaw piece on the front of it.
Personality - Jix's personality is a puzzle itself. There are times when he seems happy, carefree, and kind, and then there are times when he is portrayed as sadistic, cruel and relentless. Regardless of his personality, Jix is fighting for the right cause. At least, that's what he believes.
History - Little is known about Jix, but he is believed to have been around since the beginning of the Rebirth. Whether or not this is true is a fact known only by The Organization. And even they don't seem to know much about their Founder.

Civilian Birth Certificate
Name - Jennifer Skezeer
Nickname(s) - Skeez
Age - Ninteen
Gender - Female
Alignment - Bad
Born In - Russia
Weapon of Choice - Jennifer carries with her a large, wooden staff. The staff is attached to her back, and in a life or death situation, the tips of the staff can be removed to reveal a pointy blade.
Appearance - Jennifer stands at 5'4", and has a very athletic body shape. She shows it off by wearing a lime green tank top that stops just above her belly button and with cargo shorts covering her upper legs. Usually this is accompanied with knee-high white stockings and black, mid-shin boots, however sometimes she simply opts for a pair of black sandals/thongs/jandals/flip-flops (whatever you want to call them). She has bright green eyes and a cute face, with light brown hair usually in pig-tails.
Personality - Jennifer is a down to earth, calm, sensible girl with a fierce side. She is very trusting of others, however can tell when she is being lied too. It is almost like a sixth sense. She is very bubbly and charismatic, and rather flirty, too, and she loves being the center of attention. Tantrums often occur when she doesn't get her own way, but only for a short time-span; she usually settles down and returns to her normal self seconds after one of the said tantrums starts.
History - Jennifer was born in the state of Russia in the city of Moskva to a broken family. Her father, an alcoholic, was previously working for The Order before her birth, yet dropped out and got a job at a local bar to support his family and be closer to them. Months after her birth, her mother was brutally murdered by members of The Organization. They claimed that, due to her father working for The Order in previous years, someone in the family had to pay for his mistakes, and since he was the provider and she was still a young girl, her mother was the one who they chose. Shortly after this, she was abandoned by her dad on the doorstep of an orphanage. Instead of being taken in by them, though, she was found by a family with a sworn vendetta towards The Organization. She was raised with hate, and purely for revenge; she is a fighting machine. There is no known way to stop her, and it doesn't look like she'll be stopping herself till every member of The Organization is dead.

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