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Default Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??

Normally when I'm on the internet, I see people praising Kanto and Johto. But actually I noticed quite an ammount of flaws in the previously said sagas that the fans would NEVER forgive if that happened in the newer ones even though some of them might have actually happened. Here's a couple of ones:


*Pity Badges.
*Lack of a full team(Everything that Ash got in that certain spot in his team would get either Oak'd or released.).
*Horribly unbalanced pacing(Did you notice that things started getting much slower after the 6th gym?).


*Lack of evolutions. A SEVERE one.
*Ash's old pokemon got more focus than the new ones.

Then asked myself two questions. Do the Advanced/DP/BW sagas deserve all the hate they get? And do the older sagas deserve all the prasing they get?

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