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Default Re: Simmi vs Spark_Damon

Spark Damon

Ability: Sheer Force
Health: 79%
Energy: 76%
Moves: Aerial Ace~Aerial Ace


Ability: Adaptability
Health: 68%
Energy: 93%
Moves: Body Slam~Shadow Ball

Yet again the little bird moved first, using a move that would hit without fail. Even with his declining eyesight it would strike its foe, no questions asked. He flew up into the air, then dove quickly. White streaks of light surrounded him as he terrorized his foe. Rufflet looked at his opponent with his sandy eyes, finding the weak spot. He sliced his beak across her head, causing serious pain without too much work; this was the life.
(-15% Health, -6% Energy)
Eevee moved after, not feeling too good. She prepared a move that did not make much sense to her; how was it any different from tackle again? Nonetheless, she started anyways. Leaping off rocks in a graceful manner, she built up speed. When she was right before Rufflet, she leapt in the air and pounced on him like a cat, crushing the poor bird under her wait. He squawked, not expecting the little fox to weigh so much. He knew that he would have to end this soon; Eevee could take it and dish it out…
(-17% Health, -11% Energy)
Rufflet was a bit disappointed with his trainer’s choice in moves. The same move? Twice? Was he trying to make this the most boring round ever to ref? He sighed, then began the move he had already used that turn. Pumping his tiny wings, he flew in the air, then came down. The streaks of light returned as he went faster and faster, yet again locating her weak spot. Striking his stout beak onto her head, she seemed to take serious damage. Something told him that this was actually painful; it looked as if she was really hurt!
(-15% Health, -6% Energy)
Eevee started a move that she was somewhat famous for, although it did not match her type at all. She opened her mouth, concentrating her tiny bits of dark energy. A mysterious orb formed between her teeth, quickly moving out of her mouth and growing. It grew and grew as she raised it into the air, and when she put her feet back on the ground it had already been released. As it traveled, Rufflet looked panicked; the attack truly looked painful! However, when he was hit he felt nothing. “Hmm?” he thought, obviously confused. Just to add on to the pain, Eevee then took more damage from her poison; she seemed miserable.
(-18% Energy, -4% Health)

Spark Damon

Ability: Sheer Force
Health: 62%
Energy: 64%
Mood: A little better.


Ability: Adaptability
Health: 34%
Energy: 58%
Mood: Not feeling too great...

Referee Notes
Aerial Ace requires no roll.
Body Slam’s accuracy roll was 26, with 1-100 hitting.
Body Slam’s para roll was 83, with 1-30 successful.
Shadow Ball’s accuracy roll was 78, with 1-100 hitting.
Shadow Ball’s effect roll was 52,with 1-10 successful.
Simmi, your moves please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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