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Default Re: Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??

Originally Posted by Charizard Michelle View Post
Apparently not the whole fanbase since I am still watching. Also it seems like the fanbase is a revolving door seeing that we have new fans enjoying the show.

If you want to be like that then look at Jotho. It was basically the same thing as Kanto minus Contests, a forgotten subplot (looking at your GS Ball) and a character that did nothing but hold a baby pokemon in her arms. At the end of the day the anime is only an adaptation of the video games and he only difference in the sagas are how good the writers adopt them. Kanto and Johto had the worse records when it came to adapting the content from the games.

The anime did a much better job in incorporating Team Galactic into the anime then they ever have with Team Rocket, Aqua and Magma (too early to say Plasma but so far not looking good based on what we seen). The only thing that makes each anime arc (and games) different from each other is the villains that they showcase and their overall plans. Team Plasma was built up as the villains in a good pace where they were preparing their things up in the background as Ash and Co. did their thing. Each episode they appeared in we saw more build up to their overall goal.

You do realize that May and Dawn were both new characters and thus we have to see them grow a bit? So them feeling down after a defeat is a good time to show character. If anything I be more concern if Dawn was a 'Mary Sue' if she didn't feel sad and discourage after losing her third contest in a row. May....Had a lot of BS wins that I glad weren't pulled over into Dawn as much.

I am keeping up with the current BW storyline. To tell the truth I am happy they are back to their antics because at least they are not acting like robots anymore. Also what 'stupidity' and 'antics' are you talking about? They haven't done a crazy boss fantasy at all since going back to 'White' (stupidity) and their robbing is pretty much a shadow to what they were before (antics). The only difference is that they have a bit more serious tech and annoying jet packs. It would have been better if they wrote the Rocket Trio as the mains they have been developed to be then some two second side characters. Just wish they ditch the jet packs and actually get 'hit' and focus away from Team Rocket so we can see Team Plasma.
Pokemon is not as popular as of the Johto series.

At the time of its release, it was still relatively new. That is the problem.

I see nothing wrong with getting down because you lost a contest, but it aggravates me how both of them were totally waterlogged when it came to that. Get up and get back out there and stop acting like a pregnant woman.

Stupidity as in being stupid.

Antics as in extremely stupid stunts.

I am not happy that they are back to their old normal selves. It was much more enjoyable when there was an actual villainous team to worry about.
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