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Default Re: Am I the only one that noticed the ammount of flaws in the original sagas??

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Pokemon is not as popular as of the Johto series.

At the time of its release, it was still relatively new. That is the problem.

I see nothing wrong with getting down because you lost a contest, but it aggravates me how both of them were totally waterlogged when it came to that. Get up and get back out there and stop acting like a pregnant woman.

Stupidity as in being stupid.

Antics as in extremely stupid stunts.

I am not happy that they are back to their old normal selves. It was much more enjoyable when there was an actual villainous team to worry about.

Pokemon in the US isn't as popular as it was. It is among kids but surely not with the older fans unless they are into this new 'retro' fad. (EG: Go to Hot Topic and see all the Pokemon shirts you can buy). Back then, Pokemon helps started the anime boom but now as less channels are able to support it and Pokemon itself. Even with the kids a majority of the fanbase that use to watch it 12 years ago aren't so anymore for various reasons. Still the show is fairly popular on it's own in Japan as the anime always seem to be in the Top 10 normally beating out Bleach and Naruto. It been doing so since 2007 and even up to recently. As for the US, I can't pull out the numbers but I do know that Pokemon (DP and now BW) is one of the higher rating shows on CN's Saturday morning block.

You do realize that both trainers were still new to this whole 'contest/pokemon journey' thing right? Of course two girls who just started out their pokemon journeys will be sad when they lost especially if one of them was confident that they would do well. If they cry then they cry. Better then them acting as if it was nothing. Even Ash showed some concern whenever he loses a match. Heck, he was mopy after his defeat from Lenora and Paul. The later wasn't as long but even I have to admit that was too whinny considering Ash has been playing this game for so long. Also there was no tears when Dawn lost her last match in the Grand Festival.

Example of Team Rocket being stupid and their antics in the recent BW saga? I count a majority of their Boss Fantasys stupid and a good example of their stupidity.

The Rocket Trio are far from their normal selves right now in BW. They are only a shadow of their former selves from DP. Not once during BW have they used some sort of ridiculous looking robot to commit their crimes (See the one they used at the Sinnoh League or the digging one from when Ash catches Charmander) nor have they blasted off. Instead they are trying to be written the same with a bit serious tone (EX: mechas that looked similar to what Hunter J would use and jetpacks to make last minute escapes.) The Rocket Trio we are seeing right now are a sad but more improved version of what we saw of them from earlier BW.

You are right though, the series does need a serious villain group right now. The problem is that for some reason they are refusing to use the material they have available. Apparently Team Plasma is too risky for them or something which explains why we haven't seen them. Something tells me that Team Rocket wasn't suppose to be this serious villain group that we were building them up to be but instead a means to introduce Team Plasma. Still since we didn't get those two episodes we are now left to deal with the Rocket Trio until they are able to kick start Team Plasma and set them up as the villain.
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