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Default PoKéMaNiAc Tristan's Pokémon Platinum Nuzlocke

Okay, before i start i would just like to say this will be version one of my nuzlocke and hopefully after i complete this nuzlocke i shall creat version 2.
Version 2 will be a video nuzlocke so you can follow me every step of the way visually.

This is my first time playing Pokémon Platinum and sorry if i suck. If i do not post in this thread for more than 1 month contact me on my gmail account to ask me whats going on. I might have forgot about it since i have alot on my mind at the moment.

The rules for this nuzlocke are basic rules;
When a Pokémon faints it is counted as dead and needs to be either released or placed in your pc box, you are only allowed to capture one Pokémon from each route, water and tall grass count differently from the short grass.
All obtained Pokémon must be nicknamed, the theme shall be about Naruto/Naruto Shippuden/Hitman Reborn characters( ILOVETHOSEANIMES).
Legendaries can be caught but are not allowed to be used as a part of your nuzlocke run.
Finally, if you black out or white out it equalls to game over.

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