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Default Re: Simmi vs Spark_Damon

Spark Damon

Ability: Sheer Force
Health: 40%
Energy: 46%
Moves: Brave Bird~Brave Bird


Ability: Blaze
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Thunderpunch~Thunderpunch

Outspeeding his opponent by a narrow margin, Chimchar moved first. He swung his fist about, trying to absorb electrical energy. It worked, and his right fist soon was covered with yellow sparks. He ran forward, holding the electrified hand high in the air. Walking on two legs, he leaped and pummeled the little bird Pokemon, shooting the energy deep into Rufflet’s veins. He cried out in pain, electric energy coursing through his body. He seemed to be paralyzed; he wasn’t exactly able to move. Chimchar giggled; all was going according to plan.
(-12% Health, -19% Energy)
Rufflet knew that this was probably going to be near his end, but tried to perform his move anyways. He flew up into the air, trying to ignore the pulsing electricity that held him down. A few more wingbeats and he was at his peak; but this was when the paralysis decided to strike. A visible strike of lightning hit him, and he tumbled to the ground. His turn was over; the power of the previous move stopped him from using his own.
(-9% Energy, move failed!)
Chimchar prepared his next move; conveniently the only move he had used in this battle yet. He threw his arm in wild circles, building up friction and charging electric energy in his fur. He ran towards his opponent, howling violently. Although it did not hurt him at all, it looked like it did. Rufflet was a little confused, but that stopped when the yellow fist pounded into his body, causing serious damage. He knew that his time was limited; one or two more of these evil punches would knock him out! Rufflet had to make his time left really hurt!
(-12% Health, -19% Energy)
With the electricity finally fading, Rufflet attacked. He flew up high, then stayed there for a while. With a dip of his beak, he plummeted to the bottom, back to his opponent. A blue and orange aura appeared around him, making his tiny body look both fearsome and larger. Pointing his beak towards the ground, Rufflet slammed into Chimchar in a powerful strike, expelling his aura everywhere. Chimchar looked seriously injured; that one move had done more damage than both of his put together! However, there were major sacrifices; Rufflet had also taken extreme damage from the move. He simply got up, knowing that the next round would be the end.
(-33% Health, -11% Health for Rufflet, -18% Energy)


Spark Damon

Ability: Sheer Force
Health: 6%
Energy: 19%
Mood: Knows he is almost gone.


Ability: Blaze
Health: 67%
Energy: 62%
Mood: Not feeling too good.

Referee Notes
Thunderpunch’s accuracy roll was 45, with 1-100 hitting.
Thunderpunch’s prz roll was 1, with 1 paralyzing.
Brave Bird’s prz roll was 32, with 1-50 stopping.
Thunderpunch’s accuracy roll was 67, with 1-100 hitting.
Brave Bird’s prz roll was 79, with 1-75 stopping.
Simmi, your moves/move please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!