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Default Re: True Gamer Society˛ - The Return of the Beast

Name (IRL or Nickname): Kenny_C.002

360 or PS3 Gamercard/Gamer Tag: 360 - (PS3) Hemostasis

Console(s): PS3, PS2, PC, DS, Wii

Favorite Console: PS3

Favorite Game(s): Starcraft II

Most Played Online Game(s): Starcraft II

Favorite Genre(s): RPG, Fighter, RTS

Least Favorite Genre(s): FPS

Easiest Game You've Played: Dora the Explorer

Hardest Game You've Played: Demon's Souls, Catherine

Worst Game You’ve Ever Played: Dora the Explorer

Longest Playing Streak In A Single Sitting (And With Which Game?): Oh only something like 12 hours

Hardest Trophy/Achievement In A PS3/360 Game: Don't care

Most Cherished Gaming Moment: Beating a Korean in Starcraft II...

Upcoming Releases You're Dying to Purchase: Disgaea 4, Cave Story 3D

Games You'd Love To See Taken Off Store Shelves: Shovelware like Imagine: Family Doctor (I'm buying the $250,000 version of this game!)

Games You Own: Too many to count. My PS2 library is extensive.
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