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Default Re: Diamond1304 vs Mawile_rocks


[Luke] Vanillite (M)
Ability: Ice Body
Health: 43%
Energy: 50%
Status: Rather terrified.
Autotomize ~ Protect


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
Health: 91%
Energy: 83%
Status: Suddenly has developed a Joker grin. [1 Clone]
Swords Dance ~ Metal Claw

Round Three

Rocky growled in affirmation of his orders before beginning to do a sort of dance. It wasn't like a ballroom sort of dance, but rather one of grace and power. He slashed his claws through the air or stabbed suddenly with his horns, stomping his powerful feet or flexing his powerful arms. His claws began to acquire a whitish glow, shinier than ever. His horns seemed sharper and his muscles stronger. Luke watched nervously as Rocky warmed himself up - it didn't help that he had to watch the act twice.
[Swords Dance: Rocky, -3% Energy; +2 ATK]

Luke began to give himself a boost too, though in a different way. He began to spin, twirling around in an effort to shake the fluffy white cream on his head. The white stuff whipped off of him, landing in splatters on all of the expensive-looking controls. As soon as Luke was liberated of his coating, he stopped. His head had been revealed to be shiny ice, and he looked rather bald. However, he also felt a great deal lighter. He would be able to move around more easily, and he would be less heavy and have an easier time levitating.
[Autotomize: Luke, -3% Energy, +2 SPD, -6.3 Lbs]

Feeling somewhat reinvigorated, Luke began to shape his clouds into little shields again. They flattened easily, transforming into three perfect, flat discs that glowed teal with little white ripples. The discs began to rotate again, orbiting him like electrons in an elementary-school demonstration of an atom. He was again protected - though he didn't know how he was going to be able to get any attacks in at all.
[Protect: Luke, -8% Energy]

Rocky was pretty sure he couldn't get at Luke at this point; however, there was no sense in not making sure. He hefted his body forward, clone beside him. He walked right up to Luke, who shrank back a little but didn't flee. Rocky lifted his claws, which flashed white for a moment before he brought them down on Luke's barrier. Immediately the shields moved to the center of Rocky's attack - blocking the real Rocky and not the intangible clone, of course - letting off white sparks and lights as they blocked the assault. This lasted for a few seconds, then Rocky growled and stepped back. The shields faded, and Luke sighed with relief. For now, he was safe.
[Metal Claw: Rocky, -3% Energy]


[Luke] Vanillite (M)
Ability: Ice Body
Health: 43%
Energy: 39%
Status: A bit relieved, but tiring. [+2 SPD, Weight is halved]


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
Ability: Rock Head
Health: 91%
Energy: 77%
Status: Just wanting to finish the job. [+2 ATK, 1 Clone]

Ref Notes
Metal Claw's Accuracy Roll was 45, with 1-95 hitting.
Boring round bro.

Diamond1034, your moves please.
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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