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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

OOC: Male, please. Also, sorry for bad post, late at night after a busy day.

The Hyper Beam blasted through the icicles, smashing into the Vanillite. Some of the fragments spun around and hit Meta, but he didn't take much damage. His hard steely exterior could ward off almost any kind of attack.

When the ice and haze cleared, I saw the Vanillite spinning around on its side, frantically trying to get up. Well, that wasn't going to happen. I took aim and threw the ParkBall at it. The machine easily absorbed the little Pokemon, sending red light playing all across the battlefield care of the dark night sky. The machine wobbled a couple times before laying still, having successfully captured the Pokemon.

Ivy weaved her way out to it as I knelt in front of Meta. "Good job," I said to him, thumping my arm against his left foreleg. He buzzed happily in reply and rolled all of his joints around as far as he could, cleaning out the snow and muck from the battle.

“Do you want to let Meta rest or should we keep going?” I heard Ivy call out. I stood up straight - my height was very handy sometimes. Other times, it was not.

"He's fine to go," I called back. Meta punctuated this with a roar. Instead of preparing to go back into his ball, though, he retracted his legs up against hit body and began to float in midair. Apparently he wanted to stay out with me. I shrugged and nodded to him - he didn't get much time out of his ball, and I couldn't see a reason why he should be returned, so I just met up with Ivy and we continued along the path, the hulking blue behemoth hovering along at my side.
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