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(OOC: This is probably the first time Infiltrator has ever came in handy. Also Air Cutter and Astonish if I didn't name them.)


The Flamethrower had surprised her. It lit up the night and burned away wisps of Haxbat's fog with ease. Ivy didn't mind too much. She had mostly wanted the Haze to the Crobat would feel more comfortable. He tended to love sneaky attacks, and he usually didn't lash out until he felt safe enough to do so.

Then, Machop used Light Screen, but she was more annoyed by it than anything. It made for another obstacle they had to get around. Thankfully, having weaker attacks wasn't going to be a problem for them. The Crobat had recently mastered a new ability, allowing him to strike through screens and other guards like they weren't even there. Using his stealth, he'd be able to flash in and get around the barriers. She hadn't had a lot of time to test it outside of training, but it looked like the bat was going to get his chance.

“Nice work, Haxbat. Remember, screens don't scare you. We'll just sneak right in,” she called with a grin, and her words bounced off the Haze that was left, echoing around the field. She didn't have to worry about Haxbat hearing her, at least.

She took another look around the field. The Sludge Bomb had created pockets of poison that dotted the field. Thankfully it was just melting the snow. The spots wouldn't actually hurt the environment. If that was the case, they'd have to ban poison moves all together for Trainers in the Park. Only a few had hit Machop, deflecting off the screen since Haxbat wasn't prepared for it, but that was okay. There was material to work with now.

“Okay, Haxbat, kick up the wind and snow with an Air Cutter. Make it hard to see even more,” she said, hearing her words bounce around and echo like she was yelling. Hopefully, the flying snow would cover her Crobat's next move as well as inflict some damage. The thin slices of wind should be able to get past the screen if Haxbat controlled it right. “Then swoop in and surprise him. Make one of those faces like we saw on that Halloween poster last year. If you can knock him into one of the sludge pools, that'll do some of the work for us. Get out of there after that.”

It was a good thing Chainy didn't seem to be too bothered by the bat. If he caught sight of his next move, he might change his mind. The face had truly been frightening, with fangs extended and ears flat back and glowing orange eyes. It should be fun to see how it worked out anyway. If Haxbat could startle the Machop, there was a chance he'd fall into some of the poison that dotted the ground. If not, well, they'd figure something out from there.

Movement on the corner of her field of vision had her turning her head, and when she looked, she saw Sasha had a fear-stricken expression on her face. Dual was doing his best to soothe her, making gestures and waves with his arms while explaining something. He was probably discussing strategies to use against flyers. As long as they didn't try anything against hers, there wasn't going to be a problem.

She felt the air blow against her skin harder than it had been, and on the ground, the snow was starting to get caught in the current as Haxbat started his attack. All she could do was wait.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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