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Our little group forged onwards, drawing close to the mountain. Haji stayed out in front, scouting out the terrain. Ivy and I were next, with Meta hovering along at my side. Following up in the rear were Dual and Sasha. The Gallade was pointing out various features of the terrain and explaining to the Medicham how to best utilise them. I listened in on his lesson for a little while before tuning out - I knew it all already. I'd learned it so I could command Dual effectively in battle.

We got up onto the base of the mountain and I saw some of the caves. The one we were investigating was much higher up and around on the other side. We'd have to work our way there by either going around the mountain or through the caves. Personally, I didn't mind either way, but if I had a choice I'd choose the caves. I was about to bring this up with Ivy when a little round snowball suddenly rolled underneath Meta. It moved in a few circles before collapsing. However, a little blue Pokemon crawled out from underneath the pile of snow and began rocking from side to side. I wasn't even sure if it was aware that we were here.

“Want to catch a Spheal?” Ivy asked me.

"Nah, this guy looks pretty happy, I'd rather not disturb him," I replied.

Ivy knew how I operated, if the any Wild Pokemon ever took offense at my leaving I'd simply throw a PokeDoll. I had plenty of them, having won a crateful in a competition months ago. My hand inched behind to my pack, preparing to throw one if need be.
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