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Default Re: NASCAR Mess

Originally Posted by VenusaurTrainer
The track wasn't that bad compared to some other older races when the exact thing happend a few years back. My brother happend to be at the race and stated hes seen worse. They fans were expressing themselves because their voice needed to be heard. Its not like they could have came to the after race meeting for their word to be put in. Because NASCAR screwd Jr. over because they didn't want to see him win another race their.
Of course there is worse and possibly more worse, but what happened was pretty bad. And to say it wasn't trashed, that's undermining what happened.

Fans will be fans, and some fans choose to act that way, I just don't think a professional should say "A side of me really likes to see the reaction whether it was pro-Earnhardt or anti-Earnhardt." That's pretty much saying it's OK to act like that, eventhough it's wrong. I think we can come to the conclusion, whether specifically stated in the rules for the spectators or not, that throwing stuff onto to the track ain't exactly something "right" to do, it's something that is wrong and Earnhardt Jr shouldn't be promoting negative behavior like that.
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