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The Spheal left, rolling away and becoming a snowball again. I always liked seeing Pokemon relaxed and having fun in their natural environments. We kept on moving and it seemed that Ivy had read my mind, because we began to draw close to the one of the cave system entrances. I realised with a start that Ivy might actually have some of those capabilities now because of her link with Haji - I needed to start guarding my mind. I certainly did not want her getting into my inner sanctums and stumbling across some particular information.

We arrived at the entrance to the caves, but there was a Pokemon blocking the way. It was a Machamp, and it was constructing something out of large rocks. It was carrying two of the huge stones at a time, requiring all four hands to be in use at once. Chances were it was building for the exercise as opposed to creative impulses, but that was fine too. The large gray-skinned Pokemon put down the stones and huffed, asking me if I wished to battle.

“Well what do you say, Chainy? Want to test your strength against Machamp?” Ivy asked.

I threw a look backwards at Dual. He shook his head slighty and held Sasha back by her shoulder. I didn't blame him for not wanting to fight the Machamp - they were tricky Pokemon to fight. Their Dynamicpunch could literally smack a Pokemon silly, and as Jakk often demonstrated they could rip huge Fissures in the ground, swallowing up any Pokemon that couldn't fly.

"No, I don't think so, thanks," I said to the Machamp. "I will grab a picture though, if that's okay."

I pulled out my camera and took a couple steps back, hoping the Machamp would be compliant. I was actually quite anxious to get into the caves - these white open plains were starting to get on my nerves.
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