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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

OOC: Since you're going to try and befriend the Mienfoo, I thought I'd include it in here. If you want me to remove it, just let me know.

The Smoochum's eyes widened as it saw the PokeDoll I was offering it. I shook the Pikachu-shaped plush toy gently, and the Smoochum let go of Haji's nose before tottering over to me. It petted the doll happily, crooning softly, before quickly hugging my leg. I felt a slight squeeze, and before I realised what was happening, it ran off, skipping towards the exit. A small smile crossed my face before I wiped it off. It wouldn't do to have Ivy see me all mushy.

The tunnels we walked through began to constrict themselves, becoming smaller and thinner. It didn't help that the stalagmites and stalactites became bigger and bigger, and there were other obstacles like partially collapsed floors and icy segments that threatened to make you slip and knock your head open. I reluctantly returned Meta to his PokeBall, promising to summon him the second we got into trouble. The warmth of Dual's and Sasha's flames and the licking movement of the firelight calmed me though, and we progressed deeper. To my surprise, the passage was leading down, as opposed to up. I didn't think there were any subterranean part of the Oktori tunnel network, but apparently I was wrong.

Finally, we found a large open room. There was snow on the ground, which surprised me - how did it get in here? I looked up to the ceiling, and it was closed in with rock. The snow certainly didn't fall from the sky. Curious.

There were many stalagmites and stalactites throughout the room, and the dripping sound of water was much more frequent than in the tunnels. In the very center of the room was a huge stalactite-like icicle which actually touched the ground. It would have taken hundreds of years to form naturally. Which, of course, made me suspicious. Ancient stuff always did that.

The dripping water sound was overridden by a crunching sound, and I looked over to see Ivy drawing closer to the ice pillar. My eyes narrowed - something felt wrong. I could feel the Mienfoo that was hiding under my coat shivering ferociously. Dual bumped me through our link, and Sasha was uneasy too. She was rubbing her arms with her hands, like she was cold, although considering one of her hands was on fire I doubted that was the case.

Suddenly, Haji growled, and that made me go cold. I'd never heard Haji growl before. I then heard Ivy breathe in sharply, and she went stiff. I took a few steps towards her.

"Ivy?" I asked, my voice echoing around the room. "Are you okay?"

A ghostly chuckle pervaded throughout the room. It was creepy, but the really scary part was how it had undertones of Ivy's own laugh mixed in. She turned around, and was grinning at me. I liked Ivy's smile, but for some reason it was freaking me out.

"Greetings, Trainer. Welcome to my mountain," Ivy spoke. Her voice was different, though - higher pitched and much more inviting than usual. She was lingering on her vowels and accentuating her esses much more than usual.

"Ivy, you're freaking me out," I said nervously, stepping backwards a bit.

<James, that's not Ivy,> Dual muttered quietly through our link. <Something's got a hold of her.>

Is she alright?

<I'm not sure.>

“Now that I've woken, I need something to entertain me," she replied, not dropping that ghostly grin. "You humans are so frail, so predictable. You're going to participate in my little game. If you don't, I will crush part of this girl's mind.”

"My face when I slap your s**t silly," I challenged the strange presence, my eyes narrowed.

Ivy dropped to her knees, and I started forwards again. Her head jerked up, and I could see a flicker of yellow light in her eyes, amongst the normal hazel. “My warriors will be scattered along your path. Defeat them and prove your worth. If you can reach me, I'll release the hold I still have on her.”

Some of the snow suddenly flew up into the air and surrounded Ivy, pulling her long red hair out and dancing with it before falling back down to the ground. Ivy got to her feet and coughed a couple times. Haji darted over to her and began winding between her legs. I could tell from the urgency of his actions that he was worried.

"Ugh, that was ridiculous," Ivy said to me wryly. Her tone was back to normal, which was something at least. The Mienfoo's death grip on my back reminded me that the little creature was there, so I carefully detached it and handed him to Ivy. The little Fighting-type was trembling violently, and as soon as she took it the Mienfoo hid its face against her chest and clutched her coat with its claws.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

She waved me off and pointed to one of the stalagmite-like structures that was close to the tunnel leading out of the room. I looked as a Wild Pokemon emerged from behind the rock and took a defensive stance. It was blue and black in colour, and fox-like overall. Long black ears dangled down the side of its face, framing it. The Riolu watched all of us carefully, its purple eyes zipping from one person to the other.

“That Froslass was pretty serious. Think she's the one behind that cave appearing? She mentioned waking up,” Ivy mused.

"Not sure," I said shortly. I was watching the Riolu carefully, but it didn't seem too aggressive. I wondered if the ghostly voice was controlling the Fighting-type like it was us.

“Do you want to take a shot at doing this?" Ivy asked me. "We can work something else out if you don't. This Riolu's your first test if you want to fight.”

"I'm not risking that thing doing anything to you," I said firmly. "I'll take this Riolu on. Dual, let's do this thing."

I heard crunching as Dual stepped forward. However, I was surprised when I saw that it was Sasha who was stepping in front of me as opposed to the familiar form of a Gallade. I pinged my partner quickly through our network, and I heard him quickly telling Sasha that even though I was a human I actually knew what I was doing.

Geez, thanks, I muttered wryly.

<Hey, it's a compliment,> he retorted, <and I'm trusting you not to screw up.>

Rather than argue with the stubborn Gallade, I began to strategise. Medicham were great physical fighters, like the Riolu that was our opponent, but unlike the Emanation Pokemon Medicham had a fair grasp of special-based attacks. That might come in handy later on. I remembered that Sasha had a move that most professional battlers would kill for.

"Alright Sasha, open with a Fake Out!" I called. "Once that's done, set up a Reflect!"

Snow flew up into the air as Sasha darted towards the Riolu, both hands outstretched. I was surprised to see that she was just about as fast as Dual. Hopefully the sheer shock of both of her palms slapping the Riolu's face at once would cause it to flinch, which would give Sasha time to complete my follow up command. I knew that Lucario could fight with energy attacks as well as they could with sheer physical prowess, but luckily for me Riolu didn't have these abilities. A Reflect would severely decrease the amount of damage Sasha would take from the little fox-like Pokemon. Once that was set up, I could go on the attack, and being a Psychic-type, Sasha was perfectly suited to rout the Riolu.
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