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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
wow I actually 420 way too much that You of all people have that opinion of that clan.. I kinda assumed we were good in your book..

you've always proven yourself to me as if not One of the best competitive battles on this forum.. So having read that was like an unexpected Sky Uppercut .. i'll get over it..

to the actual members from ATA i'll now add you onto our roster and If for some reason you now have different FC than whats posted on the 1st post please post it on your new home.
.and thanx

Maybe I was a little rude, but its just that I have this grudge against Akia, I do not like him. AND you guys kicked out Littledude from your clan whos just 9 years old. That wasn't cool

Sorry for the flamming, I won't be posting here anymore unless it's important.
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