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Default Re: Pokemon Gijinka Academy

Name: Alexis Smith

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Personality: Alexis is very shy due to her past, and so very rarely talks to people. She feels very confident in water, and this is the only place she is not shy, often showing off her skills in competition, but as usual, when not in competitions she is just as shy as on land.

History: When she was younger, her village was very accepting of her problems, but when she left to go to high school, she was bullied because of her requirements to be wheeled around the place as she cannot walk on land. As a result of this, her parents began searching for alternative schooling. They found the academy, and now Alexis has been here for five years, and has managed to hone her skills to a high standard, this coming year, she will be a teacher at the school thanks to these aforementioned skills.

Pokemon: Dewgong

Abilities: She can breathe indefinitely underwater, and can shoot beams of ice from her hands.

Other: None

Pokemon Sign Up

Name: Gong Gong
Species: Dewgong
Gender: Female
Appearance: A doubly long Dewgong.
Personality: A very good friend of Alexis, Dewgong has been with her since Alexis was 2 and Gong Gong was still a Seel.

Eevee: Evolve to Espeon@130 Finished@310
Ludicolo are NOT FUNNY

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