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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [SU; Open]

Ashley and Jeremy are accepted. Great job on the history and description of the Mermaid. ^^

And mine...

Name: Kiseki Kagami

Age: 19

Gender: male

Personality: Kiseki’s personality is more or less summed up as a ‘ball of endless energy’. He is a very friendly and energetic young man, and loves to make new friends. Although he is very smart, Kiseki can be somewhat clueless and/or dense at times. He’s a bit emotional - possibly too much so for a guy, but that just makes him all the more loveable. He isn’t angered easily at all, and even when he is, it’s easy to calm him back down. He doesn’t particularly like to fight, even though he is extremely stubborn. However, if the situation calls for it, he will. Although Kiseki has a very forgiving and sweet nature, if his trust is betrayed, it can be extremely difficult - if not impossible to get it back. However, with loyalty being one of his strongest traits, Kiseki would never abandon someone who needed help - even if it was a stranger. He hates to see others in pain, be it physically or emotionally and is willing to do anything in his power to help them.

Appearance:*points at avatar? :D* Kiseki has jet black hair that falls down to the nape of his neck and is always a ruffled mess. His bangs come down a little past his nose and sway to the right, normally covering his right eye. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, and normally can portray any emotion he is feeling with ease. When he becomes angered or is thirsty, they turn a bright crimson red. Kiseki’s skin is pale, as would be expected of a Vampire, although since his brother has pale skin as well this normally isn’t enough to give him away.

As for apparel, Kiseki wears a dark red sleeveless hoodie that is rarely ever taken off. He never wears the hood unless it’s cold out. Underneath is a dark grey (almost black) t-shirt, accompanied by a pair of dark jeans with pockets on each leg, making them look like cargo pants. Strapped around each thigh are holsters for his guns, and several pockets for ammo and other smaller things line his belt, but are hidden by the hoodie. He also keeps a knife strapped to his right ankle, hidden by his jeans. His feet are clad in red-laced, black shoes. A bewitched Lapis Lazuli stone is embedded in an earring at the top of his right ear, which permits him to go into the sunlight. This is usually hidden by his hair.

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter: Hunter/Vampire

Weapons: Like Ichiru, Kiseki’s weapons seem to vary. However, he is always seen with two .45 pistols strapped to his thighs and a combat knife strapped to his leg which is hidden by his jeans. He also carries holy water with him at all times.

History: Kiseki was born and raised in a small town in Virginia along with his twin brother Ichiru and younger sister, Kotomi. He had a pretty normal childhood growing up; he attended school, made friends and lived a normal life for the majority of it. However, when he was ten years old, he had his first brush with the Supernatural world. Throughout their childhood, Isobel and James Kagami, the parents of Kiseki and his siblings, had kept the fact that they were Supernatural hunters a secret, because they wanted their children to have normal lives. However, when demons began to appear frequently in the town, it became increasingly hard to keep the secret from the children - eventually they would have to know about what was lurking in the dark.

Only a few months after Kiseki and his siblings began to suspect their parents of hiding something, a demon possessing one of the local citizens of the town attacked the house, bringing several of its companions along with it. Although they were victorious, their home was destroyed in the struggle, which forced the Kagami family to move. After the incident, although the Kagami siblings were only children, they were given lessons in defending themselves with both weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Despite the changes, Kiseki and his siblings resumed their public schooling, acting as if nothing had ever happened, although now there was a constant paranoia of the Supernatural. Aside from their knew knowledge of self defense and Supernatural beings, everything seemed to be back to normal, and it was until six years later.

When he was sixteen, Kiseki met a strange girl in the town. Even to this day, he can’t remember her name, or if she even gave it to him. All he can remember is the pitch black that flashed in her eyes just before he was pulled away into a darkened alley, and the pain in his neck as it was pierced by sharp, deadly fangs. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought to take his weapons with him just that one time, which had led to his ‘death’. As his consciousness began to fade, he faintly heard his brother’s voice, followed by a gunshot just before he was dropped to the ground. However, Ichiru had come to the scene too late; the younger twin had already lost too much blood.

Whether he could consider it luck or not, the Vampire had given him some of her own blood as well, which brought him back only a few hours later - pale, cold and thirsty. Luckily, Ichiru had checked his system for the Vampire blood and hadn’t pronounced him as dead because of it - but of course, technically he still was.

Kiseki almost wished he hadn’t woken up when he realized his fate; to live the rest of eternity as a Vampire - a bloodthirsty monster. He and his siblings kept the incident a secret from their parents, knowing how they would react to their son being a Supernatural creature now. Kiseki stayed out of school for a few days, claiming to be sick so that his bloodlust wouldn’t cause him to massacre his fellow students. Ichiru took the duty of caring for him, going so far as to give the younger twin some of his blood every few hours. Because of this, Kiseki slowly grew accustomed to being around humans, considering his entire family were humans, and was able to go back to school and try to pretend nothing ever happened. Due to their knowledge of Supernatural creatures, the twins knew that Kiseki would be able to walk around in the sunlight if he had a bewitched Lapis Lazuli stone, which they managed to find with a bit of difficulty.

However, only a few weeks later, the bloodlust overtook him while he was surrounded by humans and he attacked, injuring several of the students around him. Ichiru and Kotomi were able to get him back under control, but not before Isobel and James were informed of the incident. To Kiseki’s horror, their first reaction was to want to kill him for being a Supernatural creature. He was too dangerous and couldn’t be trusted. Ichiru stood up for his brother, claiming that it was an accident and that it wouldn’t happen again; that Kiseki had been controlling himself perfectly until that specific moment. Unfortunately, their parents wouldn’t listen, which enraged the older twin, leading to a separation of the family. Ichiru left to stay with Kiseki while Kotomi was forced to stay with her parents. Even to this day, James’ words still haunt Kiseki. “If we ever meet again, you will be nothing more than another creature to me.”

After that day, the twins left town together; Kiseki dropped out of public school, but still took online classes so that he would still get his education. Ichiru dropped out as well, so that he could keep an eye on his brother. Kiseki was introduced to animal blood, which wasn’t quite as satisfying as human blood but still quenched the thirst and helped him control himself around humans. The twins began taking up jobs that they found regarding the Supernatural, which has them traveling all around the United States. Even now, Kiseki wishes that he had been able to defend himself or died that day; he hates being a Vampire with a passion.

Other: Is Ichiru’s younger twin

As a Vampire, Kiseki has enhanced senses and speed, as well as healing abilities. He also possesses the ability to see events that have happened to a specific thing or person by placing his hand on it and summoning the power. This allows him to visualize the events that took place before he arrived at that specific spot. While using this power, his eyes will begin to glow a pale green, rather than his normal emerald color. However, Kiseki doesn’t use this power much because it drains a large amount of his energy, depending on how far into a vision he looks. When reaching the limits of this ability, Kiseki will get warning headaches or nose bleeds, which if ignored for too long, will lead to him passing out due to over exertion of his power.

Name: Ichiru Kagami

Age: 19

Gender: male

Personality: Ichiru’s personality is the complete opposite of Kiseki’s. He’s very calm and collected, and normally keeps to himself. The only person he really interacts with is his brother, although he’s not exactly unfriendly. He can come off as a bit distant sometimes, and maybe a little harsh, but he knows when to keep his mouth shut in order to prevent hurting someone. He doesn’t really like to show his emotions, choosing to remain emotionless in most cases, although he’s really a sweet and caring person under his rough exterior. He is annoyed quite easily, although it takes a lot more to actually anger him. Although, if he is angered, Ichiru can and occasionally will grow violent. He acts as Kiseki’s ‘brain’ sometimes, being the thought that comes before his brother’s reckless actions. Although he isn’t very trusting, Ichiru, like his brother, is very loyal to anyone who happens to become one of his friends.

Ichiru doesn't like authority at all, being the type that likes to do what he wants when he wants. However, he will oblige to what he's told if it's reasonable or mandatory. He tends to clash with the leaders of a group a lot of the time, if he doesn't particularly like them, although depending on the situation he will try to adjust his attitude in order to get along with them. Since he analyzes the consequences of his actions before he does them, Ichiru can easily adapt his attitude to get along with or work alongside someone even if he doesn't like them. However, when it comes to Kiseki or anyone else he cares about, he can be extremely reckless and doesn't tend to think much about what he does before he does it.

Appearance: Ichiru is the exact mirror image of his brother. His hair comes down to the nape of his neck in a ruffled mess, and his bangs come down just past his nose, swaying to the left rather than the right. His eyes are a piercing emerald green, although unlike Kiseki, most of the time his emotions are not shown. His skin is only a shade darker than his brother’s, giving him an appearance like a Vampire, although Ichiru is still a human. He has two piercings at the top of his left ear, as well as a lip piercing; a simple silver stud on his bottom lip that he rarely bothers to take out. Being half demon, he also has fangs much like a Vampire’s that he was born with, although unlike a Vampire he is unable to retract them into his gums, so they are always visible.

His apparel consists of a dark, leather-ish jacket that he wears over a black t-shirt with three skulls imprinted on its front, and a pair of dark denim jeans, a chain reaching around to the back on the right side. A few rips can be seen here and there, but they’re not too bad at all, and appear to simply be part of the clothing. There are belt-like “attachments” encircling the jeans on the thighs like Kiseki has, where he keeps his guns at his sides. Also similar to Kiseki, he has pocket for ammo and other small necessities lining his belt. Inside of the jacket there are numerous pockets and holsters that enable him to carry other hidden weapons and items, although he is always careful not to load himself up to the point of slowing him down. His hands are clad in dark finger gloves with a rectangular-shaped opening on the back of them, revealing a small patch of skin.

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter?: Hunter; Demon/Human hybrid

Weapons: Ichiru’s weapons vary depending on what sort of creature he is up against, but he is always seen carrying two .45 pistols which are attached to his legs, and a demon slaying knife which he keeps hidden in his jacket.

History: Ichiru grew up in a small town in Virginia with his twin brother, Kiseki and younger sister Kotomi. Unbeknownst to most of the people around him, Ichiru was actually born as a demon/human hybrid. He and his brother lived a pretty normal childhood until the age of ten, when demon-possessed citizens attacked their home while targeting their parents. However, at this point in time, Ichiru became aware of the powers his demon side possessed. In trying to protect his family from the invasion, his other half was exposed to everyone around him. His parents couldn’t bring themselves to kill their son - especially since he had never once acted differently than he should have, aside from his rage. They decided to leave the matter alone, although Ichiru had to swear that he would keep it a secret and not use his powers unless it was completely necessary. After this, the Kagami children began taking lessons in the use of Supernatural hunting weapons and hand-to-hand combat, as well as learning about the different creatures. Ichiru picked up on the training quickly, sometimes even going on hunts with his parents once he was twelve years old. However, most of the time he babysat his siblings while they were out.

Around the age of fourteen, Ichiru met a girl named Ashley Gilbert, with whom he quickly fell deeply in love with. Not too long after, Ashley became pregnant with a set of twin girls, only one of which actually made it through to the end. However, due to a demon erasing Ichiru’s memories when the child was only a year old, he can remember none of this now. His memories of his time at age fourteen are all blank and fuzzy; the most he remembers is hunting Supernatural creatures with his parents, or a few memories with his siblings. Oddly enough, none of his family members remember that time either; all of their memories had been erased. Ichiru has a vague memory of Ashley, but false memories tell him that she was killed by a demon or simply disappeared.

Two years later, with his memories of his time with Ashley completely erased, Ichiru began dating a girl named Amber. However, as his misfortune would have it, she was taken from him by a demon; killed right before his eyes. Shortly after, Kiseki was running errands for their parents in town while Ichiru stayed home with Kotomi when he was attacked by a female Vampire. Ichiru sensed something was wrong and quickly went into town with his weapons only to arrive at the scene just as the last ounce of life was taken from his brother. Luckily, the Vampire had given him some of her own blood, so he came back only a few hours later - only as a Vampire. Ichiru knew that their parents would react terribly to the news, and since they were gone on a hunting trip for a few more days, he decided not to tell them. Kiseki stayed out of school for those next few days, working on his thirst with Ichiru and Kotomi’s help. By the time their parents had come back, he thought that he had it under control. However, only a few weeks later they found this assumption to be horribly wrong.

Kiseki lost control in a school classroom, his bloodlust causing him to kill several students before Ichiru and Kotomi were able to seize him and calm him back down. After the incident, James and Isobel were almost determined to kill the younger twin, which both infuriated and hurt Ichiru. He knew that Kiseki could change if he worked hard enough on it, but their parents refused to listen to reason. He couldn’t believe that they had accepted him, being a demon by birth, and yet they couldn’t accept Kiseki who had been nothing but a victim.

So because of this, Ichiru took his brother and left his parents to try and live a peaceful life. Together he and Kiseki worked on the younger twin’s thirst until he really could control it around crowds of people, and so that he wouldn’t lose his education, Ichiru enrolled them both in an online school. To support his brother and himself, the older twin got a job which he managed to hold on to for a few months before he quit. His hatred that had begun when Amber had been killed and Kiseki killed and turned started to burn more furiously, which led the older twin to decide to begin hunting Supernatural creatures like his parents - although he vows not to become completely heartless toward all of them like they did with Kiseki.

Other: Is Kiseki’s older twin, and the real father of Abigail

Being half demon, Ichiru possesses the powers of a demon; enhanced speed and senses, super strength, telekinesis and telepathy. Since he is one of the few hybrids that has advanced abilities, Ichiru also possesses healing abilities and pyrokinesis. However, his flames are blue and white rather than the normal color of fire. Blue flames are said to be a sign of Satan, which is one of the reasons he doesn’t use this power much. He can summon the flames at will, and controls them exceptionally, although if he becomes enraged or extremely upset they will burst out on their own. When he is using this power, the flames dance around his body like an aura, although he is never burned by them, and his eyes begin to glow white. What is most astonishing about this ability however, is the fact that Ichiru is able to control who or what his flames harm. Even if an entire group of people are caught up in the fire, the flames will only singe the person or thing he is actually intending to harm. Even if Ichiru is angry at someone and the flames are released, they still won’t be hurt by it if he actually cares for them at all within his heart.
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