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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [SU; Open]

last character. sorry for all the posting ^^'

Name: Caroline Forbes

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Caroline is a loyal, supportive friend, someone who would do anything for those she cares about. Caroline is fiercely protective and will always help someone who needs her. She is also fun-loving and popular, and since discovering she was Mai at age eleven, she is becoming more interested in that aspect of her life. She appears to have a tendency to worry a lot, especially where Ashley’s and Jeremy’s family are concerned.

Another personality Caroline has is that she’s the kind of person who uses her looks to get what she wants. Caroline is described as being very beautiful, which darkens others with thirst and lust for her. She has natural blonde hair and bright sapphire eyes that also darken people with thirst for her. Sometimes Caroline can be seen cool and cold by her appearance. She is portrayed as rather vain about her looks, and has no problem using her beauty to get what she wants. Caroline does care about others, but only if she’s close with them like Ashley’s and Jeremy’s family. She will do everything that she can to make sure she gets what she wants as well. Caroline appears very sweet and seductive on the surface, but her personality could change in an instant into someone who was impulsive and, at times, not very nice.

Also being brazen and brave, Caroline is strong and determined much like her own mother. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. She also has a sensitive and loving nature as well. In the start of her teen years, despite having a confident exterior underneath it all, Caroline was just insecure. Caroline felt a recurring sense of insecurity. That tended to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her personality, leading to various matters that factor into her development as she overcomes them. Especially when it came to Ashley, as she always felt she was in Ashley's shadow. Overtime, she and Ashley grew much closer, and Caroline overcame these insecurities and became more confident in herself. Now that Caroline is older she sees the world in a different light, and she matured as well. She became much more strong-willed; Caroline became much more responsible and protective.


Caroline is naturally beautiful. She has waves of blonde hair and bright blue eyes that are framed by long, dark eyelashes. She has lovely features and a slender figure. As Caroline has gotten older her style has changed dramatically, from a girly style to a more natural look, almost considered tomboyish. When she was a little younger, Caroline dressed very girly and wore bright colors with different hairstyles to suit her outfits. As she progressed as a woman, Caroline's style has changed dramatically; she stayed more natural. Caroline’s skin is a little on the paler side, but it’s absolutely flawless and beautiful. Her bright blue eyes stand out the most, them being a piercing sapphire blue. She stands at 5’4 and has a slender body.

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter: Mai/Supernatural Hunter

First mentioned in hieroglyphics dating back to 2890 to 2686 B.C., from Second Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, the Mai are the offspring of the Egyptian cat-goddess, Bastet. Since the feline goddess Bastet was worshiped in Egypt, they're considered to not only have cat-like qualities but are also part-god, part-human, and the protectors of the human race.

Early on the Mai were responsible for protecting and defending the Pharaoh, which eventually extended to all humans. As their position in society grew they took on roles in the government, advising the Pharaoh on religions and state matters. Their top priority was to be fierce warriors, participating and leading the charge in battle.

All good things must come to an end however, and in the 16th to 11th century B.C., the Mai came to an abrupt end when they fell to the Ramesses. With the demise of the New Kingdom and the rise of the Third Intermediate Period, the Mai became outcasts and the Pharaohs' enemies instead of protectors. The myth began referring to the Mai as lions and the Pharaoh ordered hunting parties.

Like a true Romeo and Juliet story, some say a Mai youth fell in love with eldest daughter of Ramesses III and since the Pharaoh forbade the marriage, the two eloped. The young boy was then captured and sentenced to death, causing more animosity and retaliation. There's no confirmation but it is said that the Mai killed the daughter and made an attempt to take the Pharaoh’s life.

After the Mai fled Egypt, there are stories detailing large settlements throughout Syria and Turkey. Some believe that the destruction of the Mai was the motivation for the launch of the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition, as they were accused of being heretics and witches.

As the story goes, the Mai were driven from Egypt over 3,000 years ago, but mythology and folklore suggest they continued to exist in other parts of the world. Specifically it's been reported that The Uniter will restore the Mai as protector and companion of the human race. However, it is also said that The Uniter will act as a warrior, possessing nine lives, and he or she will help the Mai seek revenge.

Although there is little evidence to support this, some say that if the Mai makes any intimate physical contact with humans, the human will die. It's a result of the original rift that drove Mai and humans apart. If the Mai became intimate with another Supernatural creature however, nothing will happen to them.

It's unclear if the Mai still exist today but there have been reports of small, but organized, communities in San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Hong King. The Mai that are left are trying to blend in with humans and hope that they won’t be captured. The truth about the nine lives is that every Mai being has nine lives, the story of The Uniter being made up so if a Mai were to be killed, then the Mai being could play dead until the attacker believed the lie and stop hunting down that particular Mai being.

The Mai also have special cat-like abilities, like for example:
~ Night vision
~ Superior hearing
~ Superior sense of smell
~ Superior strength, speed, and agility
~ The ability to manifest and retract deadly claws and fangs; their eyes can change into cat’s eyes
~ An ability to move silently
~ The ability to kill or immobilize a human with just a scratch or a kiss
~ The ability to feel the emotions of other Supernatural creatures and humans

Weapons: When it comes to weapons with Caroline she would much rather use her own body and claws, but if she had to use a long ranged weapon then she would have to go with handguns.

History: Caroline grew up with her mother, father and older brother, who were all Mai, and lived together happily in New Jersey. The family tried to remain normal and not cause any abnormal attention as they lived their lives pretending to be human. With Caroline’s older brother being only a year older than her, the two were almost always in the same school together; the only time they were separated for a year was when the middle school moved onto high school and Caroline had gone to the eighth grade while her brother moved onto the ninth grade. That year was a little rough with her brother Scott not being with her, but she managed to pull through by getting herself involved with cheerleading.

When Caroline was eleven she began to transform into a true Mai, developing the special abilities very quickly and was able to control them in a short amount of time. Her parents and Scott would always train with Caroline, jumping from rooftops to rooftops with ease as well as learning how to eavesdrop on a conversation two blocks away. At first when Caroline began to use her cat fangs and nails they sent pain to which Caroline didn’t know if she could handle it or not, but with support from her family and practice she’s able to use them without the pain coming back now.

When Caroline was fifteen her and her brother were walking home from school, Caroline being a sophomore in high school while Scott was a junior. When the two were a few houses away from theirs the two instantly sensed something was wrong by their Supernatural senses, bringing the two siblings to sprint the rest of the way home. When the two walked through the door they instantly smelled an odor which made their noses wrinkle; blood. The two ran up the stairs where the smell of blood was strongest, seeing both parents slaughtered in the guest room. Scott ran into the room first while Caroline was frozen where she stood at the doorway from the sight of her parents dead bodies, but little did the two know was that there was a Hunter standing right behind the opened door. As soon as Scott entered the room, the Hunter quickly ran from behind the door and slit his throat deeply with a knife, Scott falling onto the floor a few moments later as he choked on his own blood before dying. When Caroline saw the knife she instantly knew what kind it was; this special knife was able to kill a Mai and prevented them from coming back with their extra lives.

After knowing her family was dead Caroline quickly ran out of the house, jumping on top of the roof and jumping from roof to roof of the other houses, getting away from the Hunter faster as she jumped down and escaped into the woods. Caroline then traveled to the very end of Florida where she met a girl named Ashley, who immediately offered Caroline a place to stay; Ashley didn’t know Caroline was Mai at the time. A few weeks later however Caroline had let out a sneeze, her claws manifesting themselves by accident. At first Ashley was scared and told her parents, who explained to Ashley that most Mai were protectors of Humans, though they were still greatly surprised by the fact that Caroline was Mai. Ashley was raised that not all Supernatural creatures were bad, since her and her mother were Mermaids themselves, so after the shock Ashley had accepted Caroline and thought of her as a sister.

When Caroline learned that Ashley’s family were Hunters however it frightened the blonde at first, since her family were killed by blood lusted Hunters for no reason at all, but when Caroline learned that Ashley’s and Jeremy’s family weren’t going to hurt her then she thought of the Gilbert family as her own. While staying with the Gilberts’ Caroline was able to finish high school and start her freshman year of college, going on a few hunts with Ashley and Jeremy here and there while Abigail was being cared for by Ashley’s parents. Since Caroline didn’t arrive in town until after the Demon had erased the memories of Ichiru being the father of Abigail, Caroline had no idea about Ichiru and only believed in the lie the Demon had implanted into everyone’s heads. While majoring in Journalism Caroline works as a part time waitress at the local Captain’s Inn that was located right next to the boating docks, which was an amazing tiki bar and restaurant that was half inside, half outside.

Other: nothing comes to mind right now lol
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