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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [SU; Open]

This. Is. Sheer. AWESOME! :D

May I have a reserve? I should have my SU finished soon-ish.

Can't help but re-use Nalani ^^'

I think I'm done ^^

Name: Nalani Hyland, but often goes by her nickname, Lani (Pronounced LAH-nee)

Age: 17 (but nearing 18)

Gender: Female

Personality: Upon first meeting Lani, most people notice that she stutters and pauses… a lot. Although it’s most often seen as a sign of shyness, and although she can be at times, it usually doesn’t explain her speech patterns. What this can be more commonly attributed to, is nerves. Around those she doesn’t know, the girl tends to be anxious. However, over time, healthy friendships subside this and she acts more relaxed and easygoing. Bad relations do just the opposite, although there are some people that don’t apply, which also see this trait neutralized.

For some, it isn’t hard to see that she also isn’t the most secure of people. Personal history and the current situation both contribute to this, this symbolised by her tied hair. Weird as it may sound, this is the true reason Lani opted for that style, although she hasn’t revealed this to anybody, and probably won’t any time soon. Emotions are not weak for the teenage girl, who tends to take things to heart. This works to make her a considerate girl, and is, for the most part, very tolerant.

Kind and caring are good words to describe the girl, although these qualities can be a curse at times, considering the situation at hand. However, there are instances where she displays shockingly cruel behaviour, especially when properly provoked (which is never an easy feet, but not impossible either). Culpability tends to bite back, limiting this side of her. Another thing worth noting is that Lani is a horrid liar, and most of time, doesn’t bother with it. She’s found a few ways around it though…

Despite excelling in the written arts, Lani is extremely lacking in math. It’s often been described as an “arithmetic disorder” and is very easy to spot whenever she is forced to work with numbers. Simple operations, reading equations and counting beyond single digits tend to baffle the girl. She was forced to repeat the second grade as a result, something that sparks shame whenever it’s brought up.

Lastly, Nalani is very protective of her friends and despite not doing so normally, will resort to violence and venture far out of her comfort zone if they are in danger.

Appearance: Nalani, distinctively, always keeps her long, dark ash (think dirty blonde, although Lani doesn’t really like this term) hair trapped in two thick ponytails. These are tied a little behind her ears by sky blue ribbons, although extra stands hang loose, partially concealing her right ear. Nalani’s thin bangs fall just above her hazel eyes, but are a little longer toward the far sides of her face. Sometimes, she’ll use a hair clip keep them back, although this is rare.

Blues and greens ranging from light to medium, paler greys and white tend to make up most of the colours found in the teenage girl’s wardrobe. She usually wearing loose fitting jeans and a longer t-shirt, preferring to keep her dress simple. On cooler days, Lani also adds a hoodie or a sweater to her ensemble, and sometimes ties one around her waist. Her favourite type of footwear is canvass shoes, more often than not wearing of pair.

Nalani is not one to heavily accessorise. Instead of a purse, she wears a small, light blue denim backpack and uses this to store items such as her wallet and a violet IPod. On her left wrist is a silver bracelet features many charms, including one that is distinctively star shaped.

In terms of physical features, Lani doesn’t really stand out. If one measured her, they’d find that she’s a respectable 5’3. She also leans on the heavy side, but is by no means fat, and is quite modestly endowed. Her moderately pale skin is almost blemish free and is never masked by any make-up.

Tentatively, if Nalani were ever to become a hunter, she’d wear an outfit similar to this. The only differences would be that the boots would be connected to the top, making a jumpsuit of sorts. The red lines would cerulean and the pink material, misty blue. This would increase her tolerance to burning, freezing and stabbing, but it would do nothing against normal physical blows.

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter: Sorceress/Enchantress/Witch… they all boil down to the same thing in my description. People give themselves the title they like most.

The concept of witchcraft and magic isn’t new to humans. For eons, tales of enchanters and enchantresses have been told. A volley of different interpretations can be found, most portraying these characters and their abilities as evil, unholy. For this reason, many suspected of being involved in these arts have met a bitter end, most innocent. However, in more recent years, witchcraft has fallen into the realm of pure fiction…

Truthfully, normal humans have usually painted an inaccurate picture of sorcery. While it is true some have ventured into darker waters, in nature, witchcraft is grey, perfectly neutral. The user makes of this what they will, bending the art to suit them and their ambitions.

To keep things in check, The Council, an organization of elite enchanters, has set some rules restricting the strength of spells used. They, however, only forbid a small percentage of malevolent hexes allowing those possessing tainted hearts much give. None the less, if these darker sorcerers go too far, punishment by death is surely to meet them… The Council has little mercy for lawbreakers…
Rumour has it this entity has existed since the dawn of magic users, and for the most part, is fairly detached from the lives of the average warlock/witch. Just as the art it regulates, The Council is, in theory, a neutral power and simply ensures relieve stability. However, with the war spilling over, its members are bracing for action, although their take is still unknown…

Being a user of witchcraft can both be a blessing and a curse. It offers almost unlimited potential, even with the restrictions in place. Healing, defending, weather bending… the list goes on and on. Also, they have a slightly extended lifespan (where the average is 80, theirs is 125) and are less susceptible to illness. However, like everything else, negative aspects are also present. Magic is very draining, energy wise, stronger spells being even more so. It is also a hard skill to master, and beginners tend to be met with failure rather often. Another peril newbies face is the possibility of a backfire or miscast, which can lead to a volley of problems. Other spells require a lot of concretion, and thus, distractions of any sort can be an issue, especially if one cannot work over them.

Sorcerers can also make special items if they have the proper materials. These can protect the user from something, make them less susceptible the injury, and all range in difficulty to make. Luckily, the worst one can do while making these is fail, backfiring isn’t an issue.

In order to channel their powers, warlocks and witches employ the use of a wand or staff, although no spell names need to be remembered, save a few special exceptions. Without the item, most become completely vulnerable, although an exceptionally strong or gifted person is only limited by the loss. It takes eons of training and practice to expel internalised magic normally…

In this reality, magical capabilities are either inherited or bestowed by another later in life.. After acquiring the ability, it is impossible to discard it. A person can stop doing witchcraft, but will always have the capability.

Nalani herself isn’t a complete newcomer to the magical arts, having inherited her sister’s position a few years now. However, she is still prone to backfires and miscasting and has to be careful. She also hasn’t explored her abilities thoroughly yet, preferring to stick with what is known, limiting her range of skill.

Weapons: N/A, for now anyway

History: Despite her appearance, Nalani is actually Hawaiian. Her father grew up in Honolulu after his parents moved there, and mother, after visiting the state as a teenager, dreamt of returning permanently. Unlike her older sister, who was actually born in the popular city, Nalani calls Hilo her hometown. Her family had relocated to the “Big Island” when her mother was offered a job with the university there.

Hilo was, compared to the vast majority of cities, a small place. Nalani’s memories of this community are usually positive in nature, and she doesn’t ever speak poorly of it. She had a few friends, a cool big sis and was generally an average, happy child. When she turned three, her younger brother was born, and after a little sulking, toke his arrival with glee. Little did she know her days in Hawaii were numbered…

Another job opportunity arose, this time, on the paternal side of the family. This would offer them a significant boost in income and thus would provide the kids with more opportunities. Despite her love for the islands, her mother agreed to the move, feeling it was the move would be best for everyone. A young Lani was mixed, if not a little puzzled by the notion, but her older sister bucked he change. She, however, ended up on the losing side of the struggle and soon, her address would change permanently…

Life in Colorado sure was different. The weather, people, scenery, it had all changed. At first, Nalani didn’t take kindly to this new life, but soon adapted, unlike her sister. Malana was terribly angry, moody and often downright mean, creating a rift between the siblings. This, at first, added a nasty shock, making adjusting even harder, although as time moved on, she made friends and became rather well adjusted. It would, however, take a few years before the sisters became close again.

Things rolled pretty smoothly, evidence of the war very scarce in the mountainous state. This quiet, the blonde would later pay in spades, but during the elementary years, all was good, in this regard. However, much to the girl’s chagrin, her non-existent math skills forced the school to hold her back a grade, in hopes of fixing the issue. It ended up doing more harm than good, and because she was competent in the other subjects, was allowed to progress. This marked the beginning of her insecurity…

Nalani’s middle years were rather dull, save one event. Labelled the “middle school dance disaster”, Lani never speaks of it. Even in her mind, she only ever refers to it by that title, not images or other words. In nature, it was personal humiliation at the hands of her friends, denting the blonde’s confidence plenty. For the longest time afterward, she walked the halls alone, even after the event became old news.

Entering high school, things were relatively stable in her life. Income was great, and despite not being very popular, she got along well with her scientific sister and athletic brother. She had her personality issues, being insecure and having generally poor confidence, which were balanced out by kindness and tolerance. However, little did Nalani know, her world was about to come crashing down.

In all actually, this really started toward the end of the eighth grade. Because of a power outage, school ended early, and being in walking radius, she walked home. Lani arrived home, expecting to find her sister in bed with the flu, the state she was in earlier. However, all to her shock, she found Malana… transforming the coffee table into a bookcase. This marked her first experience with magic, and slowly started gaining information about the crisis the world was now in.

About a year later, things toke a sour turn. While their parents were out, the Hyland kids were attacked by a rogue demon. Had it not been for Lana’s powers, Kai and Nalani would have been dead. However, this also left the older girl in a dire situation, and she slipped into a coma.

Nobody believed the siblings’ story, pinning their words on trauma. The family was devastated, and only really recovered when Malana finally awoke weeks later. The doctors were never able to pin the reason for her unconscious state, and she was soon sent home. Nalani’s insecurities only grew worse from then on, and she acquired a nervous, anxious demeanour. She soon began to wear her hair in two ponytails, never switching this style.

Despite being a colder, less sensitive person, Lana decided to teach her siblings how to employ magic. Kai, being too impatient, never really got far, unlike his sister. Nalani learned quickly and has been improving her art for a good few years. The Hyland parents still, to this day, deny the existence of witchcraft, and claim their children’s experiences with it to be a result of shock. Afraid of their reaction, Lani has never gone further and Lana really couldn’t care less.

Other: Lani never grew out of her somniloquy (sleep-talking), which in her case, is quite understandable to those around her. She also carries her short, stick-like wand around at all times, and it’s usually within quick grasp, in case she’s ever attacked.

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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