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Default Re: Beartic Tundra vs. Thunderbolt

Round Three

White Knight

[Deathgrip] Gliscor (M)

HP: 85%
Energy: 43%
Condition: Happy to get some shut-eye; Asleep, Toxic-poisoned
Moves: Switch (Litwick) ~ Flamethrower

Beartic Tundra

[Sul] Ralts (F)

HP: 56%
Energy: 63%
Condition: Feeling a little better; Toxic-poisoned
Moves: Switch (Glaceon) ~ Ice Beam

White Knight didn’t want his Gliscor to sit still and take a beating while he was asleep so he decided to get him out of harm’s way by returning him to a poké ball. Meanwhile, Beartic noticed that one of his pokémon had heeded Sul’s call and was watching the battle from her perch on top of a bin. He called her over and told his Ralts to come back to him – not wanting her to get hurt too much more. Shiva the Glaceon jumped gracefully down from her perch and moved into the filthy street, her long, blue tail swaying in the light breeze. Seeing her, White Knight made up his mind as to which member of his, admittedly small, team he should use. There was a flash of light, and a candle appeared on the ground in front of his trainer. A ghostly flame appeared on the top of his head as his yellow eyes studied the ice-fox he was up against. The Glaceon looked back – it didn’t seem like she would find this too difficult.

Crackling white energy began to form in her mouth as she started plotting the candle’s downfall. The energy quickly created a small ball, which hissed as it touched the warmer air around. Twin beams energy split away from this ball and shot at Emo like lightning bolts; they struck him on the wax that covered his right eye, making him tip over. He shuddered from the cold and got back to his feet, ignoring the dirty stain on his back. Meanwhile, a gang member tossed a couple of pieces of Shiva, annoyed that she seemed to be winning this too easily.

Emo certainly felt that he needed a good bit of warmth before he tried to go on; looking at his opponent, he decided that she could do with a bit of heat as well. Flames filled her mouth, giving him a warm feeling inside. When he felt warm enough, he turned on Shiva and unleashed a blazing inferno on her. The Glaceon was enveloped by the fire and cried out in pain. One of Beartic’s gang saw the blaze and shouted at Emo, throwing a handful of masonry while he was at it. The Litwick was hit by the stones and tumbled over. The flames died away and Shiva emerged, she didn’t seem to have taken much damage. Emo was devastated – she had been hurt a lot but she had barely been able to scratch her opponent. On the other hand, it had been more than enough pain for the Glaceon – she wanted this over, and quickly.

White Knight

[Emo] Litwick (M)

HP: 79%
Energy: 85%
Condition: Not happy

Beartic Tundra

[Shiva] Glaceon (F)

HP: 87%
Energy: 92%
Condition: Wanting to finish this quickly

Switch- (Gliscor switched out; Litwick switched in)
Switch- (Ralts switched out; Glaceon switched in)
Ice Beam- (Rolled 7/10, 1 to freeze; Glaceon -8% Energy; Litwick -19% HP)
Flamethrower- (Rolled 8/10, 1 to burn; Litwick -15% Energy; Glaceon -11% HP)

Arena Notes
Litwick- (Rolled 45/100, hit by opposing gang member)
Glaceon- (Rolled 46/100, hit by opposing gang member)

Team Notes
White Knight
2 Pokémon remaining
Deathgrip: 85% HP; 43% Energy; Toxic-poisoned, Sleeping
Beartic Tundra
2 Pokémon remaining
Sul: 56% HP; 63% Energy; Toxic-poisoned