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Default Re: (White Knight) Foxamivalth vs twistedspoon



Ability: Torrent
Health: 94%
Energy: 89%
Moves: Whirlpool~Drill Peck


Ability: Moxie
Health: 70%
Energy: 95%
Moves: Thunderpunch~Counter/Thunderpunch

Kapow moved first, knowing that his next move would seriously hurt. Whirling his fist around violently, he absorbed electrical energy that was apparently being emitted from the panels. It grew larger and larger until a literal fist of electricity covered Kapow's runty little arms. Happy with his work, Kapow ran forward, then took a giant leap. He pounded his fist into the top of his foe's head, making him cry in pain. Confident that he had done his part, Kapow returned to his side of the arena, welcoming praise from his trainer. If the rest of the battle went on like this, he would be living like a king from now on!
(-13% Health, -16% Energy)

Piplup, a bit discouraged by the previous move, started his own. Opening his beak and pointing towards the sky, he began to slowly spout some water. It grew larger as it began to swirl, forming a tornado of water. The whirlpool moved and grew quickly, almost instantly passing Piplup's size. When the little pengiun chick could barely hold it up, he took a step back and launched it, letting it flow towards Kapow. He had no idea what to do, and when he realized what was going on it was already too late. With a loud splash, Kapow was trapped into the vortex of water, unable to get out. Although he was still able to attack, he knew it would hurt him whenever he tried to move...
(-7% Health, -3% Energy, Kapow is trapped.

Kapow was a bit frazzled, and began to perform his move. However, he then remembered that he was ordered to wait.

Getting rid of his confusion, Piplup shook himself off and began to start. Although he was just a bit creeped out at the decision to wait, but began his move anyways. With another turn of his beak, he concentrated all of his might into his beak, which began to move in a way that defied all logic. A white glow surrounded it as it began to rotate, turning clockwise in a rather menacing manner. Kapow, barely able to see because of his whirlpool, began to whimper. He had no idea what was going to happen, but could not do anything anyways. Piplup jumped up high above Kapow, then went diving into the whirlpool. His razor sharp peak pummeled into Kapow, causing serious damage.
(-16% Health, -22% Energy)

Kapow knew that this time his move would work way better than if he had used it before. He began to glow red with strangely physical energy. Although the aura had just appeared, Kapow had really been harboring this power inside his body since he was ordered to wait. The force of Piplup's latest attack would be reflected twofold, causing serious damage. The deep aura was quickly unleashed, and the power scattered around the arena. It pounded away at everything, cracking one of the panels on the far left. When it hit Piplup, it had obviously increased in strength. The sheer power of the move blew him away, creating serious damage. Kapow grinned; all was most definitely going according to plan. Suddenly, the whirlpool striked, devilishly hurting him.
)(-32% Health, -11% Energy, -6% Health for Kapow)

However, that that exact moment both of the panels glowed a pleasant light green, healing both of the contenders.



Ability: Torrent
Health: 54%
Energy: 69%
Mood: Bleh, that was terrible.


Ability: Moxie
Health: 46%
Energy: 73%
Mood: Bleh, that was also terrible.

Referee Notes
Thunderpunch's accuracy roll was 62, with 1-100 hitting.
Thunderpunch's prz roll was 49, with 1 paralyzing.
Thunderpunch's crit roll was 6843, with 1-625 hitting.
Whirlpool's confuse roll was 13, with 1-90 letting the move work.
Whirlpool's accuracy roll was 80, with 1-85 hitting.
Whirlpool's crit roll was 5261, with 1-625 hitting.
Drill Peck's accuracy roll was 20, with 1-100 hitting.
Drill Peck's crit roll was 1652, with 1-625 hitting.
Counter's accuracy roll was 62, with 1-100 hitting.

twistedspoon, your moves please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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