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Default LF:Korean DW Rayquazza/Togekiss

Hey PKE2000 members,
I am updating this post with some new wants since I obtained the Rayquazza and Togekiss (although I would still like more). New wants are below:

What I am currently looking for
Japanese Singing Pikachu OT:AAA
Self obtained Liberty Ticket Victini's
Dream World Events-Preferably self-obtained
03121 Shin Se Gae Manaphy
12160 Korean Crown City Entei
12160 Korean Crown City Raikou
12230 Korean Cinema Celeb

Most recent events I received:
--Singing Pikachu-OT:SKE48-complete natures
--Singing Pikachu-OTチサ complete natures and characteristics
--Singing Pikachu-OTわっしょい
--ANA Flying Pikachu-complete natures and characteristics

--Movie11 Rehiram-complete natures and characteristics
--Movie11 Zekrom-complete natures and characteristics
--Movie11 Victini-complete dates natures and characteristics
--Carita's Hydreigon (McDonald's Giveaway)complete dates natures and characteristics
--Carita's Hydreigon (Wifi)complete natures
--Janta's Golurk (McDonald's Giveaway)complete natures and characteristics
--Janta's Golurk (Wifi)complete natures

Complete natures and characteristics of these OTs:
--SMR2011 Germany
--SMR2011 Greece
--SO2011 Switzerland
--ETE France
--EST Italy

*I have plenty more to offer, just trying to get around to making a shop over here. So for the time being, here is the link to my only shop I have. Enjoy and hope we can make a trade. If you have any question for me, please contact me anytime!


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