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Default Re: Supernatural: Rise of the Apocalypse [SU; Open]

It's not finished yet, but I figure it's okay to post what I have so far?

EDIT: Finished it. I hope this is okay?

Name: Alexandra Summers (goes by Alex)

Age: 18

Gender: female

Personality: Alex is always energetic and happy, and just loves to be around people. She clashes with the more stoic types, unless she knows them well enough to actually be able to get along with them. She’s a bit of a firecracker, whether because of her spunk and energy or the temper she is also known for. Alex has a short fuse and is angered easily, sometimes acting violently towards anyone who may have ticked her off. She can be easy to calm back down, depending on what made her mad in the first place. She also has a bit of a possessive nature; for example, if she likes someone or holds them close in her heart she may react cold and possessive toward anyone else who gets near that person. This can be mistaken as protectiveness at first, but after awhile it becomes quiet obvious that Alex is simply reacting defensively over something that she deems ‘hers’. Despite this and her temper, she is actually a very sweet and caring person, willing to help anyone - although sometimes a grudge she has toward the person may cloud her mind. Alex is a loyal person regardless of her rough edges and can really be an enjoyable person when she tries to be.

Appearance: (Do I need a description with a picture?)

Supernatural Creature or Supernatural Hunter?: Hunter

Weapons: .44 magnum and a dagger that’s hidden in her boot. Depending on what she’s hunting she carries various other weapons too

History: Alex grew up as an only child, raised by her father. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, so the most Alex knows about her is from stories her father told her or through pictures. At first her father blamed her for her mother’s death, and didn’t interact with her much although he still took care of her as a child. As the years went by, he began to realize that it actually wasn’t Alex’s fault that his wife had died, and that he was treating her unjustly, which led to a brightening in their relationship.

Unknown to Alex, her father was a Supernatural hunter. She had been taught about some of the creatures, but her father never told her that they actually existed, or that he hunted them himself. He taught them to her like they were horror bedtime stories instead of telling her the truth. Alex merely thought that he was working hard with two jobs - which technically he was - and that everything he told her wasn’t real. Her father didn’t want her to live the life of a hunter, instead choosing to raise her as a normal child.

Alex was pretty ‘normal’ during her childhood; she attended school with the rest of the kids and got her education like she should. Not once did she suspect that her father hunted monsters while she was away. However, she received a rude awakening when her father didn’t come to pick her up at school one day when she was fourteen. She walked home on her own to find that he had been killed - killed by a demon. The demon, or rather the person who the demon was possessing, was still at the house when she arrived. Had she not witnessed it with her own eyes, Alex would never have believed the real cause of her father’s death. It was the pitch black eyes and the dark, smoke-like substance which left the host’s body after the demon gave her a malevolent grin that she realized what had happened. It didn’t take her long at all to realize that all of the stories her father had told her as a child had actually been information about demons and Supernatural creatures in disguise.

After her father’s death, Alex continued to go to school so that no one would think anything had happened. In addition to the schooling, she researched Supernatural creatures in more depth to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and how she could kill them. When looking through some journals of her father’s, she found a large amount of important information regarding the creatures he had encountered during his lifetime; what they were and how to kill each of them. However, she also discovered the real reason why her mother had died shortly after she had been born. A demon had come to her when she was still pregnant with Alex, wanting to take the child and make her into one of its own; a demon/human hybrid to use for its own purposes. However, her mother would not allow her child to become a demon and refused, even at the cost of her own life. Her parents managed to keep the demon away until Alex was born safely, but almost right after her mother fell victim to it anyway. With the knowledge that both of her parents were killed by demons, Alex hates them with a passion and has vowed to kill each and every demon and Supernatural creature she comes across.

Other: none

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