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(OOC: I don't blame you. I normally dislike recaps. I only do it here for MCR. And uh...Female please.)


Mienfoo was back in her arms, and though he had been scared by the Froslass a little, he seemed okay. He wasn't trembling at least, and he was actively looking at their surroundings. She thought that maybe he was getting a little more comfortable around them.

Dual's flaming fist was lighting their way well enough to see; after the Froslass thing she hadn't taken her flashlight back out. The rocky cavern was similar to all the other ones, but soon it opened up into a space that allowed for a lot of movement. The ceiling was higher, and rocks jutted out of the walls as well as dotting the floor. There was some strange moss growing on the surfaces too, and they glowed enough to light up the room pretty well. The unfrozen river that flowed through the middle of the room interrupted the otherwise-silent space.

They stepped into the cavern, and the hair on her skin stood up on end again. Haji growled, the sound echoing throughout the room. It was so strange of him that she jumped a little, surprised at his actions. Then the buzzing in her head increased to a steady thrum, and she had to close her eyes to keep from making a sound.

“Your battle was interesting, I suppose, but I wish to test your companion.” a ghostly voice said. Ivy shivered slightly, but she still had control of her own body. Apparently the ghost had gained a few strengths just from that one contact. “Let us see if she is truly worth saving.”

Ivy clenched her jaw and narrowed her eyes, knowing it wasn't going to affect the Froslass but making her feel better anyway. Implementing she needed to be saved. She could save herself if she had to. Chainy was doing her a favor by helping, but if the ghost thought she was helpless, she was in for a big surprise.

There was a crack, and then the voice faded. A Pokémon stepped out from behind one of the rocks, and the first thing the girl noticed was the glowing eyes. It was another one of the Froslass's warriors. It was another Fighting type. This one had a bright blue body with gray training bands on his wrists and feet. An onion-shaped head finished the look, with two curled ears on the side. They sat a little lower, meaning this one was a girl. It was a Meditite, the first of Medicham's evolution family.

Chainy turned to her and said, “Well, I guess it's your turn. Unless you don't want to battle. We can probably figure something out if that's the case.”

She nodded, knowing that if they could snap the warriors out of the trance they were under, they could break free of the Froslass's control. There had to be other ways than battle to do it, but they hadn't got the chance to experiment yet. She thought about trying something different, maybe disorienting it with the flash of a camera or using the calls of a disk to distract it. She wasn't sure it would work, but the more they knew about what was going on, the better.

Before she could answer, Haji stepped in front of her and tensed his body like he was going to pounce. His voice surprised her with its fierceness as it echoed in her mind. “No. We will fight and capture this foe. The ice witch does not rule here.”

Ivy listened to his words, amazed at how personal he was taking this. She supposed it made sense. Even though he was calm in nature, he tended to respond badly to threats, especially if they were against her. He would still keep a level head while battling, but some sort of motivation never hurt. Froslass was abusing these wild Pokémon, making them do whatever she wanted them to just for her amusement. Haji knew all about that. No wonder he was upset.

“You're right, Haji,” she said. “Froslass doesn't rule here, and we're not gonna let her get away with this.” The purple cat nodded, his limbs braced against the cold floor.

She turned to Chainy and said, “We're going to battle.” She looked down at the little fighter in her arms and hoped he wasn't going to get too upset. He seemed fine during Chainy's battle, but one never knew. “Sorry, little guy. This is something we have to do.” She handed the Mienfoo to the other Ranger and stepped back onto the field, watching her surroundings closely.

The moss really intrigued her. It was rare for anything to really grow on Oktori, and this stuff looked like it was thriving. She wondered how it would respond to energy, and she shared the thought with the Espeon. He seemed curious about it too, so maybe it was something they would try later.

She made a mental note to keep Haji away from the water. The icy cold liquid would numb his limbs and could give him hypothermia if he didn't warm up right away. They might be able to use it to their advantage though, and the gears in her mind started to turn as she thought of a plan.

She spared a glance at Sasha and couldn't really read her expression. Ivy wondered what she thought about all of this. Maybe she would take it as a lesson, like the Ranger hoped she would, about learning weaknesses and strengths. She just hoped it didn't offend her that Ivy wanted to fight.

“Alright, Haji,” she said, thinking furiously. “Throw a Confusion at her to keep her off balance. It doesn't need to be super powerful, but just keep her disoriented for a little bit. We need a distraction.”

Haji was good at sneaking into other minds, and thought Meditite was a Psychic-type as well, all the Espeon had to do was bother her a little bit. If she was focusing on keeping Haji out, he could move on to the next part of her plan. It might wear her out a little, since Ivy knew how tiring dealing with the mental stuff could be.

She nodded to herself, satisfied with how things were going. Because of her link to the purple cat, she was feeling his adrenaline and battle vibe kicking in, and it was giving her energy. She shifted the balls of her feet slightly, a sound barely audible over the running water.

The next part she told the cat silently, in case the Meditite overheard and tried something funny. “After that use your Psychic to stir the water. Let's make our own Surf attack. The cold water could stun him for a little bit, and that'll give you time to put up a...” She hesitated for a moment, unsure of which move to call. The problem with this Pokémon is that she got many different types of attacks, both physical and special based. “Light Screen, use a Light Screen,” she finally decided. The almost-invisible screen would help ward off the special attacks Meditite decided to throw at them, though it wasn't full proof. Haji would still have to be on his toes.

She felt Haji focus as his energy start to spike, and she could feel the currents of energy hone in on the water and the wild Pokémon. “Be on your guard. This probably won't be easy.”


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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