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Default Re: LF:Korean DW Rayquazza/Togekiss

Hello Mr420,
Nice shop you have there and there was actually some things I would like from you shop. They are listed below:

DreamWorld Bday Togekiss:(GMS) 3/7/11 UT (m) Naive ~Super Luck~ Lv 10 Extremespeed/Aurasphere/Airslash/Present

Liberty ticket Victini:(GMS) UT Timid

DreamWorld Arceus:(GMS) UT Timid Lv 1oo ID# 23415 Alert to sounds [awesome IVs where it counts]

Global Link Espeon:(GMS) UT Careful Lv 10 in Luxury ball

**Just one thing to let you know about.....Anything dream world event related that I receive from someone I always keep NFT by request.**