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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01

(OOC: That Gravity messed up everything I was planning ;-; Icky post is icky.)


Ranger Ivy Frost


Apparently Chainy thought the rocks weren't a big deal since he grinned, Ivy thought, just as she moved away from a rock crashing down inches where she had been. It clipped the edge of her coat, and she had to give it a strong pull to release it from under the stone. A small bit of the corner tore off, the frayed edge reminding her what they could've been. The Mienfoo whimpered in her arms, but she shushed him, telling him gently that they were fine.

“Sasha, use Gravity to take hold of the rocks and throw them towards the Riolu,” Chainy said. Then he told her to use a Dynamicpunch, a very strong, but inaccurate move.

The Gravity would probably help her aim, keeping the Riolu mostly still. She could still see him struggling to get up from his planted seat on the ground, even as the rocks broke off their hinges. He wouldn't be moving a lot, even though his body mass wasn't super heavy. Since he was weakened a bit, it'd still be harder for him to move.

Sasha stepped forward and rose her hands, gathering energy to her as she tried to establish her own gravitational field inside the room. A rock came down hard, clipping her in the shoulder as she stood there. She recovered quickly though, and then Ivy felt the gravity take effect.

She staggered a bit as she tried to move backward, checking above to make sure there were no loose rocks falling. She pressed against the wall, trying to stay out of the way. The wall helped keep her standing, and Mienfoo gave out a little whine.

The falling rocks soon glowed with a light blue energy, almost coming to a stop as they slowed down to a hover. Then, the Medicham twisted the energy and sent the large stones barreling toward the Riolu. She was hot on their heels though, darting toward the target with her fist shining white. She was moving fast, not hindered at all by the gravity. She must've been able to manipulate the space around her so she wasn't affected. That was pretty smart, since she weighed more than the Riolu, so the gravity would affect her more.

The Riolu watched the rocks and incoming attacker. He quit trying to get up, instead placing his palms flat on the ground. Energy rolled through the surface, and just before he was about to get hit, he sent a pulse surging into it. The rocks slammed into him as the ground below rippled and rolled, flowing out in a wave of earth. It hit Sasha's legs and sent her flying forward, making her attack only clip the downed Riolu as she was sent sprawling forward.

The blue Pokémon tried to crawl forward, but Ivy recognized a fog in his eyes, different from the color the Froslass gave him. He was probably jarred, an after effect that happened due to being hit from such a strong attack. The color in his eyes flickered though, and Ivy thought that maybe the ghost's hold on him was weakening due to him being worn out.

The dog-like creature tried to stand one more time before falling back to the cold ground. He seemed to realize that he couldn't go up, even through his daze, so he went the only place he could: down. With a flurry of limbs, dirt flew up as the Riolu dug. Sasha was still down, and by the time she got up, the wild Pokémon had disappeared under the earth.

Ivy tried to sense where he was, but between the buzzing in her brain, courtesy of Froslass, and the gravity that seemed to pull her head toward the ground, she was too bothered to do it correctly. Hopefully Sasha would have a better time of it.


Current Battle Stats:

Mild M Riolu: 32% [Con1][Digging][SpAtk+2][Used Bulldoze and Dig]
Hardy F Medicham: 68% Grav-1 Ref3 [SpAtk/SpDef+1][Spe-2][Used Gravity and Dynamic Punch]


Trainer Stats

Name: Chainy
Location: Oktori
9 Encounters Remaining
Timburr Disk: 5/5
Area Effects: It's dark in the caves.
Pokémon Encountered: Snover, Vanillite, Spheal, Machamp, Smoochum, Riolu
Pokémon Captured: Lax M Snover, Brave M Vanillite
MCR: 15,788/24,900 [Intermediate Rank, Fragrance used]

Picture Value: 1,500

Items: 3x Park Ball; 3x SuperBall; 4x HyperBall; 2x Calming Fragrance Plus; 21x PokeDoll; 5x Honey; Squirtbottle; Pokeplayer; Digital Camera; Blank Disk x2; Timburr Voice Disk; Sneasel Voice Disk; 2x Lava Cookie; Family Repellant (Tyrogue); Black Aura Reader; Status Bomb x2; Love Potion; Max Revive x2; Premium Honey; Pax-A-Punch; Oak's Trinket; Digital Camera Zoom Lens

Pokemon Stats

Pokemon: Gallade @ 87%
Nickname: Dual
Gender: Male
Ability: Justified
Nature: Serious
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HM01-Cut, HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM06-Toxic, TM24-Thunderbolt, TM26-Earthquake, TM33-Reflect, TM44-Rest, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM48-Rock Slide, TM50-Substitute, TM58-Psych Up, TM59-Hidden Power[ROCK], TM60-Sunny Day, TM65-Rain Dance, TM67-Endure, TM71-Return, TM72-Shadow Ball, TM76-Sleep Talk, TM82-Attract, TM88-Focus Punch, TM93-Bulk Up, TM95-Taunt, TM96-Light Screen, TM98-Brick Break, TM101-Rock Tomb, TM102-Aerial Ace, TM103-Torment, TM106-Skill Swap, TM107-Snatch, TM117-Drain Punch, TM118-Will-o-Wisp, TM123-Recycle, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor, TM134-Cross Poison, TM139-Trick Room, TM147-Low Sweep, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Pain Split, Encore, Thunderpunch, Wish, Mean Look, Mirror Coat, Vacuum Wave, Disable, Destiny Bond, Trick, Memento

Pokemon: Medicham @ 68%
Nickname: Sasha
Gender: Female
Ability: Pure Power
Nature: Hardy
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM29-Psychic, TM33-Reflect, TM48-Rock Slide, TM50-Substitute, TM65-Rain Dance, TM72-Shadow Ball, TM93-Bulk Up, TM96-Light Screen, TM98-Brick Break, TM101-Rock Tomb, TM111-Energy Ball, TM117-Drain Punch, Gravity, Psycho Cut, Bullet Punch, Fake Out, Dynamicpunch, Baton Pass, Role Play

Pokemon: Metagross @ 81%
Nickname: Meta
Gender: Genderless
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Brave
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: HM01-Cut, HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM26-Earthquake, TM135-Grass Knot, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Iron Head


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
-"Day at the Zoo" by Bumblebee

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