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Default Summer's End Lottery

URPG Summer's End Lottery

Welcome to the URPG Summer's End Lottery, a nice and simple event brought to you by the URPG Staff in celebration of the end of summer. This lottery has a glorious tradition, having been hosted by Stinky last year and by DarkUmbreon the year before that.

The way this event works is quite simple - you purchase lottery tickets in the hope of winning a fantastic prize! There are a number of prize brackets (listed below) that you can elect to take part in or opt out of. The rules are as follows:

- Each ticket costs $1000.
- You may buy as many tickets as you want to.
- You can only win two prizes overall - one from the "Top Tier" and one from the "Bottom Tier".
- Drawing goes from best prize to least (top to bottom), and unless you say otherwise in your post, I'll assume you want the better prize. If you do not wish to be in a particular bracket, please state so clearly in your post.
- No refunds. If you don't win, too bad.
- Any cheating will be severely punished. We're not even kidding.
- Please only make one post, and feel free to edit the amount of tickets you purchase until the thread is closed. You don't actually pay for the tickets until this happens.

Anyway, here are the prize brackets. Feel free to pick and choose the ones you want to take part in:

- Legendary Pokemon of your choice for 6 months. (Top Tier)
- Demanding tier Pokemon or lower of your choice (Top Tier, 2 winners)
- Hard tier Pokemon or lower of your choice (Top Tier, 3 winners)
- Pokemart Pokemon of your choice (Top Tier, 5 winners)
- Story tickets: Cuts character length requirement for stories down by 20% (Top Tier, 5 winners)
- Premium Daycare Tickets: A free trip to the daycare without the waiting time. You still have to post in the Daycare thread (Top Tier, 5 winners)
- Supreme Park Ball: National Park item, adds 30% to final capture rate (Top Tier, 5 winners)
- Daycare tickets: A free trip to the daycare. Still has to be in there for the full amount of time (Bottom Tier, 3 winners)
- TM Protect/Detect (Bottom Tier, 3 winners)
- TM Substitute (Bottom Tier, 3 winners)
- Any TM worth less than $7,000 of your choice. (Bottom Tier, 5 winners)
- Leftovers (Bottom Tier, 4 winners)
- Any other hold item than Leftovers (Bottom Tier, 5 winners)
- Any evolution item other than Link Cable (Bottom Tier, 7 winners)
- Husnain and $1000 (1 winner)

The lottery will close at on September the 1st, at 12AM GMT+0, so have your posts finalised by then. The rolling of the prizes will occur shortly afterwards, within a couple of days, and the results will be posted in a different thread. Also, this has already gone up on BMG. My bad for forgetting.

Disclaimer: The amount and quality of the prizes on offer may fluctuate depending on the amount of entrants. Also, again, cheating will be very severely punished.
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