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Ivy watched the Meditite shield itself with a protective barrier and then proceed to eliminate Haji's protection. The plans she had spent a while constructing crumbled away into dust as she was sent spiraling back to square one. Now she was in trouble. She had no idea what to do.

“How did she know what you were planning?” Chainy asked, and she was thinking the same thing.

The slight buzzing in her mind gave her the answer she might've been looking for. It was possible, although unlikely, that the Froslass could use the small hold she had on her to peek into her thoughts and know what she was thinking. If by some way she could transfer those to the Meditite, that would allow for what had just happened. Though maybe some higher power was working against her. Either that or she just wasn't battling good enough.

The small seed of doubt started to bloom in her mind, and it was very hard to fight back that uneasy feeling. She clenched her eyes for a moment, trying to chase those thoughts away. She had spent her mini-vacation trying to overcome those overwhelming feelings. They had almost drowned her in Deckbi. She could feel it start to well up inside her though, despite her efforts to keep it down.

A soothing wave from Haji helped calm her, and through their bond he shared her feelings to lessen her load. She hated doing that, but he always insisted, and since he was much more proficient at using the mental powers than she was, she couldn't keep him out. She silently thanked him and thought about what they were going to do next.

If Froslass really was getting into her head, there was no room for making delicate plans. They just had to go on the offensive. “We're just gonna have to hit hard, Haji. Use a Calm Mind first to clear your head from all... this, whatever it is. Then use your Psychic to blast her. Launch her right into the river if you can.”

The purple cat nodded as she felt his mind clearing from all her borrowed troubling thoughts. His senses heightened as the energy in the air became more receptive to his power. His mind then whirled as he focused on the Meditite, locking on to her energy with his own.

Ivy didn't like short, quick moves like this, but they weren't going to have a lot of options. This battle couldn't drag on forever since they still had a destination to get to. At least if they were quick, Meditite wouldn't have a lot of time to form a counterstrike. While it was almost impossible to avoid damage, they would at least hopefully damage her a little bit. It was impractical to protect yourself like that constantly. The moves would drain on energy faster with more time spent.

She braced herself as Haji readied his attack, fighting the buzzing in her head that was trying to distract her. It would either work or it wouldn't, and she'd have to think of something better than what she was doing if she wanted to win.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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