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The blue pulses Sasha was emanating began to quicken, and with each one the rocks shook less. A couple of smaller stalactites fell before the Gravity field established itself, and one of them clipped Sasha's shoulder. I could see her bite her lip and her arms begin to shake, but she continued following my order. I turned around to see Ivy back up against the wall, and see the Mienfoo tuck its head under her arm and whine. A bit of sadness crept up into my eyes - I had complete faith in Sasha's control of her Gravity technique, and even if a rock managed to break through Dual would easily intercept it before it could hit us. Apparently Ivy didn't have the same faith. While that was fair - Ivy hadn't spent much time with Dual, and literally none with Sasha - it was still a little sad, especially when I took into account my complete faith in Haji. Then again, I wasn't a huge fan of Haxbat, but at least I'd made the effort to overcome my fear, and partially succeeded.

Nevertheless, I shook my head to clear the unwanted thoughts and turned back to watch Sasha. The blue light around the larger rocks had grown until they encompassed the entire base. Sasha twisted her wrists so that her thumbs pointed towards the Riolu, and the rocks began to fall. However, instead of falling towards the ground like 99.999999% of all the rocks before it, these rocks fell horizontally, towards the Emanation Pokemon. They picked up speed, just like they would have normally. I looked over towards the Riolu and I saw that the Gravity's effects had reached it. Its behind was planted firmly on the ground, and it was pushing up with its palms, no doubt trying to get to its feet. That wasn't going to happen, though. Even though gravity was the weakest force in the universe, we were all subject to it and it simply could not be fought. Especially when it was tweaked to be more than four times its natural strength.

When I looked back to Sasha, I saw that she had begun her approach to the Wild Pokemon. She was running as fast as she could towards the Riolu, which sadly was not as fast as her normal speed because of the Riolu's earlier Low Sweep attack. Still, she was only barely falling behind the rocks, which was impressive. Her right hand was trailing behind her, and it was glowing bright white. Small white sparks or lines of light (it was hard to see amongst the distorted space and all the falling rocks) fell off of her fist, trailing back through the air before winking out on the ground.

At the last second, something unexpected happened. The Riolu stopped trying to get up, and instead pushed its little paws into the ground. Before I could see what happened, the cluster of rocks smashed into the Riolu. Luckily their momentum kept them rolling off of the small Fighting-type, which was good because I'd soon as not have Sasha bashing her way through the solid stone just to hit her opponent. However, it turned out she wasn't going to be able to do even that. A wave of dirt rolled outwards, looking just like a wave in a lake except made of solid earth as opposed to water. The rolling Bulldoze attack crashed into the Medicham’s legs, knocking her over. Her fist flailed forwards, lightly clipping the Riolu’s shoulder as opposed to smashing full force into its chest like I’d hoped. However, the white light of the Dynamicpunch flared up, and I saw the Riolu’s head began to spin slightly, like it was dazed. At least that part of the Dynamicpunch had worked out.

Sasha and the Riolu both struggled to get up – the Riolu fighting against the Gravity and the Medicham trying to get over the shock of the sudden attack. The Emanation Pokemon managed to raise himself a little off the ground before falling back down. So, instead of trying to go up, he went the other way. Dirt flew up into the air and obscured my vision. When the dust settled, I saw that Sasha was standing again, but that the Riolu was nowhere to be seen. It had dug into the ground.

It was an incredibly clever move. Sasha’s Gravity manipulation affected the entire room, but not the ground or the walls, so the Riolu was safe from the hyper-force while it was Digging. Furthermore, Sasha had no way to attack it – she wasn’t strong enough to perform Earthquakes, unlike Dual. My only option was to wait for it to come back up – it would have to, at some point in time.

“Sasha, see if you can Detect when it’s going to come back up,” I called out. “I know you’re tired, and I certainly don’t expect you to dodge, but try to jump away from the blow so that damage is minimised. Also, you can cut the Gravity if it gets too tiring.”

Sasha nodded, and placed one of her palms on the ground. I figured she was trying to read the vibrations in the earth – a way as good as any other way, I guessed. My mind was working fast – I wanted to attempt a capture soon, but it wasn’t quite weak enough yet. I needed to get one last solid hit in.

“When the Riolu emerges, strike it with a Psycho Cut,” I added, “but don’t go overboard. We don’t want it knocked out.”

Purple energy began to gather around Sasha’s unused hand. I didn’t know what form it was going to take, considering Dual’s Psycho Cut charged along his blade and Sasha didn’t have any. However, it was one of the strongest moves the Medicham could learn, especially since it was affected by her Pure Power and supereffective against the Riolu’s Fighting type. If the attack made contact, hopefully I would be in a good position to attempt to capture the Riolu.

I took another look at Ivy, and her head was partially bowed. I had forgotten that Ivy hadn’t spent any time training with the Gravity technique, whereas I had spent a lot of time. I couldn’t count the number of training sessions I’d attended where Specialle had tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to teach Dual how to control gravity. No matter how many times I explained to him that Gallade couldn’t master the technique, he kept on trying. In the end, he’d picked up the very basics, although certainly not enough to use in battle. As its most base level, he was really just using his Psychic technique to emulate the effects of Gravity. In fact, maybe that’s what he saw in Sasha – someone similar to himself who could learn a technique he could not. Maybe he was hoping Sasha would teach him after he taught her.

Dual, can you try to negate the Gravity around us? I asked him silently through our link. I don’t think Ivy’s doing too well.

Dual nodded and raised his arms into the air. The effects of the gravitational field lessened slightly – hopefully it’d make it a bit easier on Ivy and the Mienfoo. The ghost had taken an interest in me – it wasn’t fair that Ivy should suffer during my fights.
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