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Default Re: (White Knight) Foxamivalth vs twistedspoon



Ability: Torrent
Health: 37%
Energy: 41%
Moves: Brine/Rain Dance~Brine/Rain Dance


Ability: Moxie
Health: 9%
Energy: 47%
Moves: Hi Jump Kick~Hi Jump Kick

Kapow knew he was on his last legs, but wanted to get his final blow before he went. His move was a dangerous one; if it missed, he would be doomed. However, he simply shook these thoughts out of his head and began the move. The little dark pokemon leaped into the air, soaring high above his trainer. His knee began to glow a vicious orange-red, radiating energy. Kapow, proud of his work, began to descend, knee pointing straight at Piplup’s body. The blow came in just another second; he had no time to react. Kapow’s knee hit dead on, knocking the poor penguin chick to the ground. The water type was a bit scared; he knew that he was nearing his fainting as well.
(-23% Health, -20% Energy)

Piplup was ready to finish it. He opened his mouth, summoning water from his stomach. It was highly pressurized, but didn’t exactly look like it was going to do too much damage. However, this was not the case; Piplup had a different use for it. He jumped up in the air, turning around as he did so. Then he shot it out rapidly, propelling his tiny body towards Kapow. Kapow did not even try to dodge; he knew that he had no chance. Instead he stood tall, awaiting the attack. Piplup gave it to him; with a huge spout of water powering him he was almost instantly defeated. I gave a wave of my flag, signaling the end of this round.
(-9% Health, -25% Energy)



Ability: Torrent
Health: 14%
Energy: 16%
Mood: Ugh, almost dead already?


Ability: Moxie
Health: 0%
Energy: 27%
Mood: Knocked out.

Referee Notes
Hi Jump Kick’s accuracy roll was 53, with 1-90 hitting.
HJK’s crit roll was 7324, with 1-625 critting.
Brine’s accuracy roll was 72, with 1-100 hitting.
Arena roll was 3; round applied normally.
Twistedspoon, pokemon and orders please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!