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Default Re: Lord Fedora vs. murgle-flag


Lord Fedora

Ability: Rivalry
Stats: N/A
Signature Move: Blades of the Ancient Warrior-Praesent Laminae
Health: 83%
Energy: 87%
Moves: Iron Tail~Poison Jab


Ability: Torrent
Sig move: None
Health: 81%
Energy: 50%
Moves: Sludge~Double Team

Axeface moved first, preparing a move that would work even better thanks to his newfound power. His tail began to glow a harsh white as he prepared to strike, dragging it across the dirt. Although the extra blades did weigh him down a bit, he could still run. When he was fairly close, he bent his knees and leaped high in the air, way above his foe. Turning in the air, his tail was pointed straight at Starla. His razor sharp tail pounded into the tiny water type, knocking her down. Slowly getting up, Starla looked at her trainer, who looked like he didn’t believe in her anymore. Shaking his head, he quietly ordered the next move. She tried to shake it off, but she knew that she was seriously hurt; she would have to step it up if she wanted to win this battle…
(-20% Health, -7% Energy)

Starla, still unsure of herself, started her own move. Being a mudfish, she had much experience with swamp muds and poisons. Her stomach could produce sick smelling acid, which she could use to her advantage. Hacking up globs of poison, she took in a deep breath. She expelled the poison in a huge stream of black goo, hitting Axeface head on. The poisonous sludge covered his entire body, completely encasing him. Toxins began to try to seep into his bloodstream, but his armor-like skin prevented it. However, it had still hurt pretty badly; he had underestimated his opponent.
(-8% Health, -15% Energy)

The dragon type pokemon was ready to fight. His move was a tough one; it was so similar to his other move that he was not exactly sure if it would work. Concentrating on the poisons that surrounded him, he began to absorb it into his hands. The blades on his arms began to glow a startling purple, seeping with terribly noxious toxins. He looked at each blade; they looked as if they were ready. Axeface ran towards his foe, creating tiny tremors as he went. Reaching low, he went up to Starla and gave her a crushing uppercut, sweeping her into the air. She cried in pain as she hit the ceiling, then again as she hit the ground. Axeface laughed; it had worked much better than he could have ever imagined. This was too easy.
(16% Health, -6% Energy)

Starla had the final action of the round. Her move was an interesting one; although it would cost her some energy, she could avoid her opponent’s attacks. She began to move aside to side at a startling pace, moving really quickly. Axeface wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, so he simply sat and watched. As Starla moved faster and faster, exact clones of her began to appear. Two more Starla’s appeared right next to her! Although when they were hit they would explode in a puff of smoke, she would be able to dodge attacks way more easily.
(-6% Energy, 2 clones)


Lord Fedora

Ability: Rivalry
Stats: N/A
Signature Move: Blades of the Ancient Warrior-Praesent Laminae
Health: 75%
Energy: 70%
Mood: A bit confused.


Ability: Torrent
Stats: N/A
Sig move: None
Health: 45%
Energy: 29%
Mood: Terribly hurt.

Referee Notes
Iron Tail’s accuracy roll was 4, with 1-75 hitting.
Iron Tail’s effect roll was 9, with 1 dropping def.
Sludge’s accuracy roll was 67, with 1-100 hitting.
Sludge’s effect roll was 6, with 1-3 poisoning.
Poison Jab’s accuracy roll was 15, with 1-100 hitting.
Poison Jab’s effect roll was 5, with 1-3 hitting.
Double Team needs no roll.
Axeface -4% Energy for Sigmove
Murgle-flag, your moves please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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