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Default Re: Make Your Own Gym(s)

Gym Name: Lavender Town Gym
Gym Theme: the door to the gym leaders room in the gym is locked. to unlock it, you must defeat ALL of the trainers which include: Channelers, veterans, Psychics, and Gentlemen.

Channeler Ricky

opening speech: AGGH! UGHH!!

lvl 50 Gastly
lvl 51 Gastly

closing speech: oh thank you! i was possesed!

prize money: $143

Veteran Darla
opening speech: BOO!

lvl 53 Gastly

closing speech: ...
prize money: $100

Channeler Victor
opening speech: you may not pass to the gym leader!
lvl 50 gastly
lvl 52 gastly
lvl 54 gastly
closing speech: go ahead...
prize money: $140

Psychic Tom
opening speech: to master pokemon... you must beat our master... but first you must get through us!

lvl 55 gastly
lvl 55 haunter

ending speech: you have ebaten me... go ahead to the next guardian...
prize money: $500

Veteran Alan
opening speech: you must get through me to get to the last guardian!

lvl 56 haunter
lvl 56 haunter
lvl 58 haunter

ending speech: you have beaten me... go on...
prize money: $5,000

Gentleman Brice
opening speech: would you like to have a battle young one?

lvl 58 gastly
lvl 58 haunter
lvl 58 haunter
lvl 60 gengar

ending speech: good battle! very good battle trainer! go ahead to the leader!
prize money:$7,000

Leader Cyberius
opening speech: hmmm? a trainer? finally! ive been so bored. i guess im so tough that all the trainers are giving up... so anyways i bet your here to face me... well your about to realize the true power of ghost pokemon!

lvl 65 gastly
shadow ball, spite, curse, payback

lvl 68 haunter
shadow claw, shadow ball, payback, toxic

lvl 73 gengar
shadow punch, shadow sneak, shadow ball, toxic

Cyberius' strategy: he will use gastly to lower stats three times, and then he will start fighting. the move a challenger wants to look out for for gastly: payback
with haunter he will use toxic to poison you, and if you use a antidote he will poison you again. then he will start attacking. the move you want to look out for is: shadow claw
gengar is a huge trouble even for dark types. gengar will use toxic every time until your poisoned. and then gengar will use shadow ball and shadow punch. gengar doesnt usually use shadow sneak, but if he does, your pokemon is dead. move you want to look out for: shadow sneak.
Ending speech: wow... this is the first time anyone has defeated me for a long time... well, you've earned it... heres the Frighten Badge. ( its a purple circle with a smaller white circle in the center.
prize money: $100,000
prize tm: Shadow ball
hm you can use now: dive