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Default Re: Foxamivalth vs Face (VII)

Stat boosts have been editted in, Foxamivalth. Sorry about that.

Also, you are still locked into Sky Drop. The way the move works is similar to moves such as Fly and Dive in that the first turn is a preparation turn of sorts, and then the second turn is the one where damage is dealt - the only difference is that Sky Drop also prevents the target from moving while being lifted into the air. Your only option is to continue Sky Dropping. Usually, battlers will say 'continue Sky Dropping' or whatever when sending their move in a situation like this. For convenience, I'll just assume you're completing Sky Drop because, as I said, it is the only option. If you have any complaints, let me know (though tbh I can't really think of any reason for you to complain lol).

Rufflet uses Sky Drop.

Cacnea uses Needle Arm.

Rufflet is hurt by sandstorm.

Rufflet 67.44% ATT+1 ACC+1 | Cacnea 30.26%
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